23 Signs He Craves You

In this article, we look at signs he craves you

Human feelings are complex, and you don’t always know what someone feels about you.

Sometimes you may come across someone vocal about their feelings for you, and other times you get someone who gives mixed signals.

So, you have met this amazing guy and think he craves you, but you are not sure. Here are several signs he craves you.

Signs He Craves You

If you are wondering if he craves you, here are signs to look out for.

1. He Stares at You

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so if a guy’s eyes are on fire when he looks at you, he craves you.

If he stares at you and you feel as if his eyes are penetrating your soul, he wants you. You can feel a man’s desire through his eyes; he will look at you in ways he doesn’t look at other women.

If a guy craves you, you will find him secretly looking at you, and he may gaze longingly. 

However, you should be careful; if a guy looks at every woman like this, he may be a player.

2. He Actively Listens

When a man craves you, he wants to learn everything about you. If he craves you, he will attentively listen when you talk to him; he will ask questions and follow up on what you tell him.

When most relationships are not working, the most common complaint is that one of the partners doesn’t listen. However, if he craves you, you will not have this problem.

A guy who craves you is interested in what you say and will remember most of what you tell him.

For instance, if you tell him your favorite flowers, he will always remember and bring you the flowers you love.

According to Psychologist Dr. Neuharth, a man who craves you will display genuine interest in your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

He will listen attentively, ask follow-up questions and remember details from previous conversations.  

3. He Smiles When He Sees You

If a guy always smiles when he sees you, he craves you. According to research, smiling increases socially perceived attractiveness and is considered a signal of trustworthiness and intelligence.

So, if a guy always smiles when he sees you, he wants you to see him as attractive and trustworthy.

Moreover, when someone smiles at you, you tend to smile back. This stimulation of facial muscles releases endorphins, happy hormones, which make you feel better.

So, if he craves you, he will smile at you so you can smile back and have a jolt of happy hormones, which may make you more receptive to him.

Moreover, a smile makes you more attractive, and he wants to attract you. Dr. Jess Carbino says a smile is a back door that lets you sidestep a person’s defenses.

So, if he smiles at you, you will trust him more and want to spend time with him.

4. He Is Your Number One Fan

When a guy craves you, he will be your number-one fan. No matter what you do, he will be there to appreciate you.

If he craves you, he will always compliment you, he will make sexy remarks on how beautiful you are.

For instance, if you buy a new dress, he will notice and tell you how good you look in it.

Moreover, a guy who desires you will notice any subtle change you make. Even if you dye your hair a slightly different shade of blonde, he will notice and compliment your appearance.

There is no denying we all want a compliment every once in a while, and if he craves you, he will have compliments in loads.

For instance, I wear the same hairstyle almost all the time. However, whenever I do my hair, my boyfriend is always there to compliment my hair. 

Even if I make the slightest change to the style, he will notice and comment about it.It makes me feel good to know he pays attention to me.

5. He Keeps The Conversation Going

If a guy craves you, he will keep your conversations going. He will keep the conversation going on texts, calls, or in-person conversations.

He is genuinely interested in talking to you and will make this clear by his willingness to keep your conversations going.

To him, nothing is better than talking to you because he likes you. He doesn’t want the conversation to end. He will come up with the weirdest things to discuss as long as he talks to you.

6. He Is Curious About Who You Are Dating

Another major sign he craves you is if he is curious about who you are dating.

If he craves you, he will want to know who you are dating. 

He may even ask your friends if you are dating, who you are dating, and if it is serious.

When you talk to him and bring up another guy, you may see his facial expressions change. For instance, he may bite his lip or face away when you talk about another guy.

If he cares who you are dating, he wants you for himself.

7. He Laughs At Your Jokes

If a guy laughs at your jokes, it is a sign he craves you. For all we know, you may have been a class or a standup comedian. But if a guy laughs at everything you say, he craves you.

Laughing at your jokes is the classic sign he likes you. We all know you are not that funny, so if a guy laughs at all your jokes, he craves you.

He may also laugh at your jokes so you can notice him. For instance, if you are in a group and you say something that he only finds funny, you are bound to notice him.

8. He Is Affectionate Around You

When a guy craves you, he is affectionate towards you, He pursues you romantically and initiates physical contact. 

He wants to play around with you; he will be cuddly with you. Whenever you call him out on his behavior, he will say he is just being friendly.

9. He Flirts With You

When a man craves you, he often expresses his attraction through flirtation, be it through physical interactions or engaging calls and texts. 

He actively seeks opportunities to ignite a spark, using playful gestures and teasing remarks that leave you feeling desired and wanted. 

Whether it’s a gentle touch, a mischievous smile, or a cleverly crafted message, his actions show a genuine interest in capturing your attention and deepening the emotional connection between you.

10. He Touches You Tenderly

When a guy craves you, he will make any excuse to be close to you and touch you. He will want to sit next to you if you are in a group.

If a guy craves you, he wants to feel you close to him, and there is nothing better than tender physical touch to make him feel close. 

For instance, he will touch your arm gently when explaining something or hold your hand when you walk together. 

He touches your hair whenever he gets the chance, He tries to establish a stronger connection with you through touch.

If you are in class together, he will touch you flirtatiously when doing a class project. Moreover, if he walks past you, he will “accidentally” brush against you to feel your touch. 

11. He Makes Time For You

When a man craves you, he makes time for you. No matter how busy he is, he pares time to spend with you.

He makes you a priority in his life, as he yearns to spend time with you. For instance, if he has an invite from his friends and you need him, he will come to you and spend time with you instead of going out with his friends.

A man who craves you will want to spend time with you, and he will not care what you will do during this time.

For instance, if he hates shopping, he will go shopping with you to spend time with you. For example, my boyfriend hates shopping, but he will go shopping with me to spend quality time together.

He would rather be miserable shopping with me than not be around me.

12. He Initiates Communication With You Regularly

If a guy craves you, he will initiate communication with you. A guy who likes you will look for you. If he doesn’t have your number, he will ask for it from you or your friends.

Moreover, he will always text or call you first if he has your number. He makes an effort to keep in contact with you.

Dr. Harris O’Malley, a relationship expert, “ If he consistently takes the initiative to reach out first, it is a sign that he is eager to be part of your life and wants to keep the connection alive.”

13. He Is Jealous

If he craves you, he will be jealous when he sees you with other guys. Extreme jealousy is a red flag. However, if he craves you, he will be jealous within limits.

If he craves you, you will have uncomfortable silence when you talk about other guys or if another guy is around you.

If you talk about another guy, you will see his facial expressions change.

As Dr. Chris Barnes says, while excessive jealousy can be unhealthy, a small amount of possessiveness can indicate a guy craves you.

Jealousy shows he values you and your relationship and wants to protect what you have.

So, if a guy is jealous when other guys are around you, he craves you and wants you all to himself.

14. He Quickly Responds To Your Messages

If a guy craves you, he will always respond to your messages in record time. None of your messages will go unanswered.

Moreover, if he craves you, he will always tell you when he is busy and can’t talk. He will also tell you when he will be available to talk and will call or text you when he gets time.

A guy who wants you will show you he wants you; if he doesn’t, you will know. For instance, if he doesn’t text you on weekends, he doesn’t like you, and you are only a pass time for him.

Men go after what they want, so if he responds to your messages quickly, he craves you.

15. His body language

If you think a guy craves you, check out his body language. When someone is interested in you, he will lean toward you when talking to you. He will also turn towards you.

He is interested in you, and his body is in tune with his mind. You will see the signs that he craves you through his body language.

A guy who craves you will mirror your movements; for instance, if you smile, he will mirror your gestures.

16. He Supports You Unconditionally

If a guy craves you, he will be your number-one cheerleader. You can rest assured of his support in everything you do.

For instance, he will support your ambitions if you want to take up a new career path. If you want to take up a new course in school or change your course, he will be there clapping for you every step of the way.

A guy who craves you wants you to see his value in your life and will support you emotionally, financially, and psychologically. If you have a problem, you know you can always run to him.

He will be your shoulder to lean on and your emotional rock. He will pull you out of the abyss when you feel you have hit rock bottom.

For instance, if you lose your job, a guy who craves you will stand with you, hold your hand through the difficult times and assist you financially if you need the support.

Moreover, a guy who craves you will support your ambitions even if they are greater than his. He will want you to succeed even if you get more successful than him.

17. He Protects You

Nothing shows you someone likes you more than his willingness to protect you. A guy who craves you will protect you against all odds.

He will protect you from all danger, real and perceived. Moreover, if he craves you, he will protect you from yourself.

For instance, if you are into destructive behaviors like drug or alcohol abuse, he will protect you by taking you for rehabilitation or helping you seek therapy. 

He will also keep the substances away from you and not indulge when you are around.

18. He Leans Into Kisses

If a guy craves you, he will lean in when he is kissing you. Kissing you is not a pass time to him, he has a natural sexual desire towards you, his whole body and mind are into kissing you.

His body is in sync with his actions if he kisses you and backs you into a wall or furniture. So, if he romantically kisses you, he craves you.

19. He Wants To Be Alone With You

When a guy craves you, he will make plans to be with you alone. He wants to spend more time with you and will make plans where you are alone with him.

For instance, he will invite you to watch a movie at his house or go for a picnic so he can spend quality time alone with you.

20. He Puts Efforts Into Your Dates

If a guy craves you, he will put effort into your dates. He will ask you what you like and will incorporate it into your date.

A guy who craves you will put more effort and commitment into planning and executing memorable dates. 

Dr. O’Malley says a man who craves you will consider your interests and preferences and ensure the experience is enjoyable for both of you.

For instance, if you love hiking, he can plan a hiking date with a picnic at the end of the day.

21. He Is Vulnerable With You

If a guy craves you, he will be open and vulnerable with you. A guy who craves you will share his feelings with you because he wants to gain your trust and wants you to trust him too.

He will share his thoughts and fears with you because he trusts you and wants emotional intimacy.

22. He Expresses His Love

If a guy craves you, he expresses his love for you. A guy who craves you will tell you he loves you and even tell others, 

An emotional connection for a guy who craves you is essential. He is not afraid to show you how much he loves you. He will show you he loves you through his actions and words of affection.

23. He Looks Good Around You

If a guy always looks good when you see him, he craves you. He wants to always look good for you.

Most guys rarely put extra effort into their appearances, so if a guy looks fine around you, he is making an extra effort to look good for you because he wants you to notice him.

It is great when a guy looks his best and even better when he smells nice. So, if you notice a guy always looking fresh around you, he is hot on your trail.

For instance, when my boyfriend was chasing me, he always looked fresh when he came to see me. What I loved most about him is that he smelt great too.

Bottom Line

It is hard to decipher someone’s feelings. So you may miss signs he craves you.

Recognizing when a man craves, you must pay attention to his actions and words. His actions will reflect his desire for you.

There are several signs he craves you. Some of these signs include, he is supportive of you, he intensely stare at you, he wants to spend time alone with you, and he is putting effort into looking good when he is around you.

Moreover, if he craves you, he smiles around you, touches you, is affectionate about you, and laughs at your jokes.

Additionally, a guy who craves you will reply to your messages and keep the conversation going. He is also jealous and puts effort into your dates.

A guy who craves you will also want to be alone with you and expresses his love for you.

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