11 Signs Your Teacher Has A Crush On You

In this article, we will look at the signs that a teacher has a crush on you and what you can do under the circumstances.

Students often have close relationships with their teachers. They respect and adore their teachers and look up to them in several aspects of their lives.

However, there are times when the teacher’s behavior toward the student becomes inappropriate, especially when the teacher shows signs of a crush on their students.

If you think your teacher has a crush on you, maybe they do. This inappropriate behavior has emotional, psychological, and physical harm to you. As a student, it is imperative to know the signs that your teacher has a crush on you.

When a teacher crosses the line and becomes romantically interested in a student, it is unethical and illegal. In addition, if you are under 18, it is illegal for a teacher to date you according to Penal Code 261.

On the other hand, if you are over 18, it is not illegal but unethical for a teacher and a student to date. For instance, according to Stanford University, professor-student relationships and dating are banned.

The university cites that these relationships can have unintended negative effects on the learning climate for others during the relationship and after a breakup.

That being said, sometimes it is hard to tell when someone likes you, more so your teacher.

If you suspect your teacher has a crush on you, here are some signs your teacher has a crush on you.

Signs your teacher has a crush on you

1. Excessive Compliments

If your teacher compliments you more than they compliment other students, it could be a sign they have a crush on you. When someone likes you, they will want you to know you notice them.

A teacher who has a crush on you will compliment you for things that are not exceptional and which they would not compliment other students for.

Additionally, if a teacher has a crush on you, they compliment you on your outfit or hair, which they do not do for other students.

2. They Show Favoritism Toward You

If a teacher has a crush on you, they will show favoritism towards you. They will start giving you good grades even when you do not deserve them.

They will also give you special privileges in class, and you will get away with behaviors that other students will not.

For instance, if phones are prohibited in class, and the teacher catches you with a phone, they will not reprimand you for having the phone, while they could reprimand another student or even take the phone away.

This is one of the main reasons schools ban teacher-student relationships even when students are of legal age.

This ensures they maintain the integrity of their programs as these relationships cause a conflict of interest, bias, or exploitation.

3. They Have a Personal Interest In Your Life.

If your teacher has developed an interest in your personal life more than usual, they could have a crush on you.

If your teacher starts asking personal questions about your life outside school, it could be a sign they have a crush on you.

For instance, if a teacher asks you how you spent your weekend or what you do after school, they could have a crush on you and look to have a conversation with you that does not involve schoolwork. They will also try to spend time with you outside the school setting.

However, sometimes the teacher may be concerned if they found something unusual happening or they have noticed your grades are slipping and want to know what could be happening at home causing the slip-ups.

According to the Victoria State Government Department of Education, teachers should protect their students. This concern may be the teacher following up to see if there is abuse at home.  

4. They Invade Your Personal Space

If a teacher is invading your personal space, they could have a crush on you. For example, if the teacher stands too close to you in class or when doing an activity and makes an excuse for being close to you than they do other students; they may have a crush on you.

For instance, if you have an activity in class, they will stand close to you and will brush against you when they pass near you. You may not note some of these as they may be subtle, but others may note them.  

5. Physical Touch

If your teacher makes an excuse to touch you, they have a crush on you. For example, if you are in class and the teacher puts their hand on your shoulder when they explain something to you, and they do not do this with other students, they have a crush on you.

Moreover, if your teacher wants to hug you, they may have a crush on you. It is not usual for a teacher to hug their students, and if they do, the hug should not be intimate but a side hug or an arm around the shoulder. So, if a teacher wants to hug you, they may have a crush on you.

6. They Give You Excessive Attention

If your teacher gives you a lot more attention in class than they do other students, it could be that they have a crush on you.

However, according to Phil Ashton, a professional life coach, they could want to get closer to you to gain your trust and open up about any problems you may have. You should not call out your teacher for flirting if this is the case.

When your teacher has a crush on you, they will give you special attention and ask if you need help with your schoolwork. They will also constantly call on you in class.

7. They Are Flirtatious When Talking to You

If a teacher has a crush on you, they will be flirtatious when they talk to you. They will try to touch you when talking and will be extra friendly than they are with other students.

They will also make jokes to make you relax around them and try to make you laugh. Sometimes they will compliment your looks, and the compliments will have sexual undertones.

8. They Find Excuses To Talk To You Alone

If your teacher has a crush on you, they will make excuses to talk to you alone. They will ask you to remain after class to review your work or discuss your essay. They may also ask you how you find the class.

This may be innocent, and the teacher wants to go over your work. However, if it happens frequently, it means the teacher wants some time alone with you. Moreover, they will ask your personal questions instead of going over your school work.  

According to Ashton, if your teacher asks about your love life, hobbies, interests, and family, it is a sign they have a crush on you and would want to know you better.

It is okay for teachers to take an interest in their students, but if the interest is in one student and they start prying, they may be interested in the student.

9. They Follow You On Social Media

It is inappropriate for teachers to follow their students on social media. So, if your teacher follows you on social media, they want to know what you are up to when you are not in school and what activities you are interested in.

So, if your teacher is following you and engaging with your posts on social media, it is a sign they have a crush on you. They may also send you messages on social media if they are interested in you.

10. They Use Terms Of Endearment

If your teacher uses terms of endearment when talking to you and does not use them on other students, it is because they have a crush on you.

If you meet with your teacher in the hallways and they smile at you and can use affectionate terms to refer to you, they may have a crush on you.

11. They Call Or Text You Outside School Hours

If your teacher keeps texting and calling you outside school hours, they may have a crush on you. They will first follow up on school work and gradually advance to talking about your personal life. They will also start using emojis in your conversations over texts and will flirt with you.

What Are the Implications of a Teacher Having A Crush On You

A teacher having a crush on a student is inappropriate and illegal if the student is less than 18 years old.

There are many implications of a teacher having a crush on you. Some of these implications include the following;

1. Can Cause Emotional Harm To The Student

If your teacher has a crush on you, it will affect you emotionally. If you pursue the relationship and it ends, it will affect you emotionally, and you will not concentrate in class, affecting your grades.

Moreover, if the relationship ends, you can have a bad heartbreak that will cause you anxiety and severe causes even depression.

It may also affect you psychologically and make you have abandonment issues which may be a problem in future relationships.

2. There Will Be Favoritism

If your teacher has a crush on you, they will favor you in class. They will give you extra attention in class. In addition, they may give you grades that you do not deserve.

For instance, if you are a C student and the teacher gives you As that you do not deserve, it will cause scuffles in the class with other students.

3. Its Grounds for Arrest

If you are a minor and a teacher has a crush on you and pursues the relationship, it is ground for arrest.

A teacher having a relationship with an underage student is molestation; the teacher will face jail time for having a relationship with you if you are a minor.

4. The Teacher Could Get Fired

Most schools forbid teachers from having relationships with their students even if they are adults. This is to protect the integrity of the school program because such relationships lead to conflicts of interest, favoritism, and bias in school.

Many schools have stern punishments when it comes to teacher-student relationships. In some cases, the school will terminate the teacher.

What To Do If A Teacher Has A Crush On You

If your teacher has a crush on you, you may be confused about what to do. However, there are some things you can do.

Remember, the teacher is human, and developing feelings for someone you see daily is natural. While it is inappropriate for a teacher to have feelings for a student, it happens.

So, if a teacher has a crush on you, you should remain professional and maintain a courteous distance.

It is not worth risking your future and your favorite teacher’s career over a fling. Remember, the teacher could go to jail if you are a minor. Therefore, it is best to maintain a platonic relationship with your teacher.

On the other hand, if you are an adult and close in age to your teacher, you may want to pursue a relationship with them. But first, you need to know whether the relationship is legal in your area.

If you both want to pursue the relationship, the teacher should recuse themselves, and you may report the relationship to the necessary authorities in the school.

Sometimes great love stories come from teachers and their students, so it is not all doom and groom.

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Parting Shot

A teacher having a crush on their students is very shaky ground. It is not only inappropriate but also illegal, especially if the student is a minor.

Relationships between teachers and students are banned in most schools. After all, they have negative implications on the student and the integrity of the school program because they lead to favoritism, conflicts of interest, and biases.

There are several signs that a teacher has a crush on you, including showing you extra attention in class, showing interest in your personal life, touching you, and giving you better grades than you deserve.

In addition, if a teacher has a crush on you, they will follow you on social media, text, call you after school hours, and ask to see you alone.

If a teacher has a crush on you, the best thing to do is maintain a respectable distance and remain platonic.

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