9 Signs Someone Likes You But Is Playing Cool

This article will discuss the various signs that a person likes you but is playing cool or afraid to say it. 

Humans are such complex beings, and it can occasionally be challenging for us to comprehend the feelings of each other. 

For example, it might be difficult to determine whether there are sentiments when romance enters the picture and people of various genders attempt to comprehend one another. 

Things like these are always complex. It would save time and anxiety if we could approach someone and tell them we liked them. 

But to be completely honest, that would ruin much of the enjoyment. If it persists for too long, the “do they, don’t they” game can be excruciating, but it also makes life interesting.

You probably believe someone likes you but is too shy to tell you if you read this. A person might not want to move first for various reasons. 

For instance, the person might not want to ruin the relationship.

They might be hesitant to act because of how strongly they feel or because they are unsure whether they want a committed relationship.

There’s also a chance they are scared you don’t like him. Whatever it may be, there are a few indications that they are suppressing or disguising their emotions out of anxiety. 

Here are the 9 signs he likes you even if he’s playing it cool:

  1. They Keep Staring At You Nonstop
  2. They Become Uneasy Around You
  3. They Keep Appearing In Your Life
  4. They Make An Effort To Win Your Favor
  5. They Are Very Supportive
  6. They Never Discuss Other Ladies When Around You
  7. They Behave Differently While You’re Around
  8. They Listen and Remember Every Little Detail You Tell Them
  9. They Are Always Looking To You For Advice

1. They Keep Staring At You Nonstop

Someone staring at you may indicate that a person genuinely likes you. They can’t help but fix their gaze on you when you’re engaged in monotonous activities like working on your laptop or hanging out the laundry to dry.

 Keep an eye on the person to see if you can spot them glancing your way. According to Slyvia Smith, an author at Marriage.com  a person staring at you is attracted to you.  

You can be sure they like you if they pay attention to you. Keep an eye on their face as you converse with them.

They will have attractive smiles and puppy-love eyes when you speak to them. When a person acts this way, you may be sure they like you.

They may look away as soon as they notice you are staring at them if they are terrified of how you feel about them.

They don’t want you to know how fixated they are on you. However, if they continue to stare at you, they are letting you know that they like you immediately, but they are hesitant to express their feelings.

2. They Become Uneasy Around You

Even if a person is confident around strangers, friends, and family, if they like you, they can feel a little more uneasy with you than around other people.

People may feel anxious and concerned when they are in love and know they have a lot to lose, yet in the greatest possible way.

As a result, if they often get distracted, become quiet around you when you first meet or constantly worry about how they seem around you, they are probably in love with you.

That’s not all, though. I, for instance, may experience increased anxiety and become a nervous mess around you if I like you but am afraid to fall in love with you.

They will be anxious and jittery around you because they will think and worry about how much they like you.

3. They Keep Appearing In Your Life

A person who admires you but is afraid to say it will undoubtedly come up with imaginative ways to spend time with you if they want to find out if you share the same sentiments.

They’ll want to spend enough time with you to gauge how you’d respond if they worked up the guts to approach.

They’ll be attracted to you, and thus they’ll likely attend many of the same events as you. So, for example, they might get a cup of coffee at the same time as you more often than you think if you work together.

4. They Make An Effort To Win Your Favor

When a person likes you, they anticipate you feeling the same too. Such a person will work hard to make a favorable impression on you for you to like them.

They may dress attractively when seeing you to attract your attention subtly. They might also brag before you to make an impression, whether by physical prowess or intelligence.

Some might even act out and do silly or infantile things if they believe you’ll notice. Despite what they claim, they take these actions to win you.

5. They Are Very Supportive

Some people may find expressing their feelings for you hard, but their support says it all. They usually always side with you when there is a dispute or argument.

They support your arguments or agree with you when another person disputes them.

If a disagreement among your friends becomes hot, they will defend your right to hold a different perspective, even if they disagree with you.

Along with listening to your opinions, they will also support you in anything you are doing or want to do.

For example, when I like a person and do not want to take the first step, I go out of my way to support the person. I will send them good wishes for their upcoming exams or for a job interview.

I will be enthusiastic about your objectives and urge you to pursue them. Such people always try to boost your self-esteem in the hopes that it will increase your affinity for them.

6. They Never Discuss Other Ladies When Around You

If someone likes you more than a friend, they don’t want you to think they are interested in anyone else for even a second.

They, therefore, won’t discuss such topics with you because they don’t want you to have any questions about them.

They won’t even discuss your friends so that you don’t become suspicious if they also want them.

Some won’t even say anything when you meet other people in parks or bars. They may even bring up their single status in conversations just in case you have a different opinion.

7. They Behave Differently While You’re Around

You can easily tell if someone likes you by how they act around you. If they appear charming, they probably aren’t frightened of their feelings and are simply waiting for them to surface.

They can appear uneasy around you if they are anxious about the circumstance. Some might, for instance, become quite silent or have difficulty speaking.

But on the other hand, they might turn around and speak quickly and extensively to avoid awkward silences.

8. They Listen and Remember Every Little Detail You Tell Them

One way to know if someone likes you is if they pay attention to all you have to say. For example, if you let them know that you have a peanut allergy, they will ensure that the restaurant they pick for you doesn’t serve peanuts.

You can tell it’s love when they pay close attention to what you have to say and consider it seriously.

Such people normally act without giving it a second thought. They are compelled to listen to whatever you say.

9. They Are Always Looking To You For Advice

If someone comes to you for help with big decisions, they trust your advice and may already be in love with you.

It shows that they are interested in what you think. They think you are smart and want your help with good advice. It is especially true if they tell you something personal when they come to you for help.

Someone coming to you for advice is a strong sign that they trust you and want to open up to you about themselves. And if they care what you think, that means they care about you.

What To Do If A Person Is Admiring You Secretly

It may be incredibly frustrating when someone who likes you shows you all the correct signals, but nothing transpires or goes forward. What you can do about it mostly relies on what you believe to be the person’s greatest fear. 

Even if you might only sometimes be accurate, you should be able to tell from their behavior what keeps them from moving forward.

You may do several things to help them feel better if you believe they are keeping quiet out of fear of rejection.

According to Adele Wilde, a psychotherapist, there are many reasons why people may fear rejection including rejection from parents as a child. 

Engage such a person in conversation, pay attention to what they say, smile, and look them in the eyes.

If they joke about liking you, respond with your own joke and convey through your body language that you’re amenable to the notion.

According to psychologist Norman Li, a person will laugh at your jokes if they are attracted to you. If you don’t want to waste time waiting or think they’ll ever be brave enough, take the bull by the horns and tell them how you feel if you have the same feelings.

When you do, tell them that you value their feelings for you and want to maintain them. This will demonstrate to them that you two agree.

However, making the first move is not the greatest strategy if the person is wary of commitment or isn’t ready for a relationship. The last thing you want is for the relationship to scare them away.

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23 Signs He Craves You

What If You Are Already Engaged

If you are committed to another relationship, it is best to inform your admirer without hurting their feelings. State you’re not interested and keep it straightforward.

Nothing further needs to be done. It’s simply honest; it’s neither cruel nor impolite. Rejection stinks, no matter how nicely you try to make it sound, so you might as well be upfront about it.

How Can You Tell If A Person Is scared Of You Even Though They Like You?

A person will always make an effort to have you think favorably of them if they like you but are afraid of telling you.

When you’re around, they feel very exposed, and when they open up to you about themselves and their past, they could even blush.

When someone likes you, they consider how you perceive them and respond to their actions and words.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Attempting To Conceal Their Emotions?

Even if your secret admirer tries to hide their emotions, the body will always reveal them. So watch and read their body language, especially when they are around you.

Most guys are unaware of how they behave around someone they like and that their body language communicates their emotions, so they don’t try to change it.

What Are The Signs Someone Likes You?

True love entails various aspects beyond just making you feel good. Someone truly in love with you won’t hesitate to express their feelings for you.

You will also fully trust such a person since you know their devotion to you. Lastly, your secret admirer will always seem to enjoy being with you.

Is It Possible For A Person To Fear Love?

Some people become anxious and terrified when they believe they may fall in love. They frequently wish it would end and the emotions would go.

As a result, they begin to detest their feelings and your concern for them. They keep failing, but it’s always so adorable!

Final thoughts on Signs Someone Likes You But Is Playing Cool

Some people might be challenging to understand, especially when falling in love. They occasionally have feelings for other people but are too hesitant to express them.

They might not feel confident in themselves, be unsure of the other person’s feelings for them, or not be prepared to move further.

However, it could be like trying to solve a riddle for you to try to understand how someone feels toward you.

Although it may frustrate you, looking for indications that a person likes you but is terrified of you is a necessary aspect of the dating game.

They might still like you and be bashful even if they don’t do all or most of these things. They won’t allow even a minor error to ruin everything because they take their feelings seriously.

Do you know anyone who behaves in such manners outlined above? Did this article help you understand them?

It’s crucial to remember that a person’s choice of whether to express their feelings or keep them hidden can be influenced by various factors. It would help if you are always sympathetic and honest about how you feel, no matter what.

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