12 Clear Signs A Waitress Likes You

In this article, we will look at the signs a waitress likes you, things they might say to show they like you, and the importance of reading context and respecting boundaries. Read on to learn more.

As a waitress, being friendly and attentive to all customers is part of the job. However, sometimes a waitress may show you special attention you could interpret as a sign of interest.

If you go to your favorite restaurant and notice that a waitress pays more attention to you than other customers, it is natural to wonder if she likes you.

However, as much as you may think the waitress likes you, it is important to recognize the difference between good customer service and attraction.

It is hard to tell if a waitress likes you or if she is just flirting due to the nature of their job. For all you know, she could be nice to you so you can give her a good tip.

The best way to know if a waitress likes you is by reading between the lines and observing their body language.

12 Signs A Waitress Likes You

It is hard enough to know if someone likes you under normal circumstances. It is even harder if the person is paid to be nice to you.

So if you think a waitress likes you, you should tread carefully because it might not be the case, and it will be awkward.

So, is your waitress flirting with you or just being nice; here are some signs to look out for.

1. She Spends More Time with You

You go to your favorite restaurant, and as the waitress takes your order, she lingers at your table. This could be a sign that a waitress likes you.

In a restaurant, time is money, and a waitress rarely spends more time with a customer than she needs to. So, unless the restaurant is dead, a waitress will take your order and quickly move along to the next table.

Look at how much time she spends with other customers compared to how much more she spends at your table. If your waitress lingers at your table, asking you questions or explaining the menu without you asking, it could be that she likes you.

2. She Touches You

If your waitress touches you, it could be a sign she likes you. You have been frequenting this restaurant for a while now and your waitress brushes against you when taking your order, she may like you.

If a waitress likes you, she will touch you when talking to you. she may place her hand on your shoulder when explaining the menu items or brush against you when she passes by your table.

However, it is important to note that sometimes a waitress can brush against you by accident when she is passing, and it is flirting.

3. She Asks Personal Questions

According to Phil Ashton, a professional life coach, there is a thin line between having a friendly waitress doing her job and one showing genuine interest in you.

A waitress is required to be friendly to all her customers. However, if your waitress pays more attention to you and asks personal questions, she could be interested in you.

For instance, if your waitress asks you how your weekend was, wants the details, and shows genuine concern, she likes you and would like to know you better by asking personal questions.

In addition, a waitress who likes you will ask you questions about work, school, and even your family. However, a waitress will remain professional no matter how friendly and flirty they are.

4. She Gives You Special Treatment

It is no secret that servers rely on tips and will give special attention to the big tippers. However, if your waitress gives you special treatment even if you are not a good tipper, it could be because she likes you.

A waitress will give preferential treatment to the customers they know who tip well, or those they think will give them bigger tips. This is just business.

So, if she spends more time with you and gives you more attention than other customers, even if you are not a good tipper (you should do better), she likes you. It shows she is genuinely interested in you and not your tip.

5. She Smiles at You Often

Sometimes the restaurant could be busy, and your waitress may not have the time to linger and speak to you for a long time.

However, every time she passes by your table, she smiles at you and holds eye contact, which could mean she likes you.

According to research, a smile may not make you feel better, but it will make people like you more. So, your waitress smiles at you often to make you like her.

Waitressing is a hard job, and she often deals with some ungrateful people. So having you smile at her often will help her have a better day. A smile can go a long way to make anyone’s day.

Moreover, if your waitress laughs and smiles at your jokes and comments when conversing, she likes you. When you like someone, you will laugh at their jokes even when they are not funny. (We know you are no Kevin Hart). We all know very few people are funny, so if a waitress laughs at your not-so-funny jokes, she likes you.

6. She Maintains Eye Contact

According to Wendy L. Patrick, an international public speaker and author of Red Flags, eye contact is an important and natural component of communication used to convey liking and attraction.

Eye contact is one of the most vital non-verbal cues used to communicate affection, especially in romantic attraction.

So, if your waitress maintains eye contact with you, she is communicating her affection to you. For instance, she may be across the room, but when your eyes meet, she will hold your gaze for a few seconds and smile. Moreover, when she is talking to you, she maintains eye contact.

According to Mark Mason, there are several levels of eye contact. First, you should know the waitress’s level and if there is progress from the first time they made eye contact with you.

7. She Asks Your Friends About You

If you have been to a restaurant several times with your friends and they tell you a waitress asked about you, it could mean she likes you.

When you like someone, you will go out of your way to have as much information about them. You will ask them personal questions or befriend their friends to know more about them.

So, if a waitress likes you, she will ask your friends about you when she sees them at the restaurant and may even ask them to say hi to you.

If this happens, the waitress likes you, and it is a good time to pursue her if you are interested in her. The door is wide open; you only have to get in, so play your cards right.

8. She Talks About Things In Common

When you have things in common with a person, it provides a way to get to know the person better and is a way to build trust with the person.

So, if a waitress talks to you about the things you have in common, she is looking for a way to build trust and get to know you better.

Some people barely talk to each other, so if you have some things in common with your waitress, you will always have something to talk about if you have things in common.

If they remember what you said the last time you were in the restaurant, it is a step in the right direction, as it shows they are interested and attentive when talking to you.

9. She Blushes When She Talks To You

One of the main signs that a person likes you is if they blush when they talk to you. Therefore, if your waitress talks to you, looking out for social cues is also important. Someone who likes you will blush when talking to you.

Additionally, you may find that your waitress is fiddling with their pen and notebook when they talk to you. Or playing with her hair shows she is a little nervous talking to you.  

10. She Asks When She Will See You Again

When you frequent a restaurant, it is typical for the wait staff to say, “come back again” or “see you again soon.” This is just good customer service.

However, when your waitress is more direct with you and asks, “when can I see you again?” It shows she looks forward to having you in the restaurant.

In addition, she may let you know when her shifts are, so you may come during those times if you ever need to go to the restaurant again.

This is not just being polite; she wants to ensure she will see you again the next time you go to the restaurant.

11. She Offers Suggestions Based On Your Preferences

When a waitress likes you, she will go out of her way to give you suggestions and recommendations of what to eat based on your preferences. She may also suggest you try some of her favorite dishes on the menu.

You should be careful with this, though, because, sometimes, a waitress will recommend something if she sees you struggling to make a decision.

It is just good customer service. However, if she combines the suggestions with other cues, it could mean she likes you.

Moreover, a waitress serves tens or even hundreds of people per day. So, if she remembers your preferences and gives recommendations based on them, she likes you and pays extra attention to you.

12. She Adjusts Her Appearance

When you like someone, you want to look your best when you see them. So, if your waitress tries to adjust her appearance when she comes to serve you, it could mean she like you.

For instance, she may try to fix her hair and straighten her clothes. This means she wants you to see her in her best light.

Understand The Context

It is important to know how a waitress flirts so you know if your waitress is flirting with you or if she is just being friendly.

With a job like waitressing, which requires one to be friendly to your customers all the time, it is essential to understand the context of what the waitress is doing so you do not mistake her good customer service for flirting and making the situation awkward.

You should also be aware of how she acts around other customers. This helps you know if that’s her nature or if she is paying special attention to you.

If she is friendly and attentive to everyone, her behavior is good customer service and not a result of attraction towards you.

Moreover, you should pay attention to how she reacts when you flirt with her. If she responds positively to your flirting, she is interested in you. However, if she does not reciprocate your advances, you should take a step back.

So, how do you know she likes you? Here are some ways to tell if a waitress likes you.

  • Her feet point towards you when she talks.
  • She giggles with her friends when they look at you.
  • She is relaxed when talking to you.
  • She smiles with her teeth when talking to you.
  • She notices if you come in at a different time than usual.
  • She steals glances when she thinks you don’t see her.
  • She remembers your personal details.
  • She talks about her personal life.
  • She tells you she is single and ready to mingle.


Recognizing signs a waitress likes you need a lot of consideration and understanding of the context. With the job’s requirements needing them to be friendly, you could confuse good customer service with attractions.

However, some signs show a waitress likes you, including touching you when taking your order, maintaining eye contact, and smiling when talking to you.

Additionally, if your waitress likes you, she will give you suggestions on your meals and may even ask your friend about you. She will also give you special attention and ask personal questions.

That being said, you need to always respect her boundaries and professionalism if interested in a waitress.

It is better to approach her outside work and ask her out on a date. However, you can let her down easily if you do not wish to pursue the relationship.

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