He Never Texts Me On The Weekends (9 Reasons)

When you are in a relationship with someone, you expect them to keep in touch with you throughout the week.

In this modern age of technology, texting has become a major mode of communication, and it is fundamental to the growth of many relationships. 

So, if your partner doesn’t text you on weekends, you have the right to worry. Most people are not so busy on weekends and spend time catching up with friends and family.

So, if your partner cannot spare a minute to shoot you a simple text over the weekend, you will be confused and frustrated. 

Have you heard the term “weekday girlfriend?” Well, if you haven’t, you are most likely the weekday girlfriend, and that’s why he never texts you on the weekends.

It is a huge red flag if a guy will not text you over the weekend, and there is no excuse not to text you. 

In this article, we will look at reasons he never texts you on the weekends, what it means for your relationship, and what you can do about it. 

9 Reasons Why He Never Texts You on the Weekends

There is no justifiable reason that someone you are romantically involved with will not text you over the week. However, if your partner never texts you on the weekends, here are nine reasons that could explain why.

1. He Has A Wife Or Girlfriend

If he never texts you on the weekends, it could mean you are the weekday girlfriend, and he has a weekend girlfriend. 

If he has another girlfriend, he spends time with on the weekends; he will not text you because he does not want the other girlfriend to know you exist. On the other hand, he may have a secret family he has never told you about. 

So, when he is home over the weekend, he will want to spend quality time with his family and texting you doesn’t fit into the equation. 

Moreover, he will not want to text you because he doesn’t want his wife to know he is texting other people . However, he will text you during the week because he is at work or away from his partner. 

You may also note that even during the week, there is a time that reaches, and he will not text you again; he may give an excuse of being tired and wanting to turn in early on workdays.

However, he is going off the grid because he is home in the evening and doesn’t want his wife or girlfriend to know he is texting other people. 

2. He Doesn’t Care About You

When in a relationship, you want to talk to your partner all the time; you can’t get enough of them, and you want them to be involved in every aspect of your day.

Texts are an easy way to keep in touch without the commitment of making calls because you can reply to a text when you get time. 

So, if your partner cannot spare some time to text you on the weekend, it could mean he doesn’t care about you. 

I know it hurts when you like someone and they don’t care about you, but if he has been texting during the week and goes silent on the weekends, he is doing other things, and you are not on his mind. 

3. He Is Punishing You

If your partner is mad at you and wants to punish you, he will not text you. So, if your boyfriend never texts you on weekends, you should evaluate the relationship and see if you have wronged him in any way that he could want to punish you. 

According to research, both men and women use silent treatment in relationships. So, your partner could be giving you the silent treatment to punish you for something you did wrong, or he perceives you did wrong. 

According to Wendy Patrick, author of Reading People, silent treatment harms both parties in the relationship. So, even if your boyfriend refuses to text you to punish you, he also suffers in the process. 

4. He Is Out Of Town

If your partner doesn’t text you on weekends, he may be out of town. I know this can happen sometimes, but you may want to ask some questions if it happens often.

However, it would help if you gave him the benefit of the doubt. For instance, if your partner has a weekend job that involves a lot of traveling, he may be out of your time zone and not text you over the weekend.  

Additionally, he may have gone out of town to visit family and will not text you if they are in a different time zone. However, this is no excuse because he can text you, and you will find the text when you get to your phone. 

5. He Is Busy

If your man has busy weekends, he may not have the time to text you. For example, he could be working weekends, and his job does not allow one to have their phones on them while they work. 

On the other hand, he could be immersed in his work and go off the grid to concentrate better on his work.

For instance, when a project is due, I switch off my phone and give my full attention to the task at hand. Sometimes phones can be disruptive, especially when you want to concentrate on something. 

6. He Is Gaming 

If your man likes playing video games, he may be absorbed in his games and forget to text you. Most people are busy during the week and have the weekend to indulge in their hobbies, so if your boyfriend’s hobby is playing video games, he may be too busy playing and forget to text you.

It is not unusual to hear of people who are addicted to video games and play for hours on end. If your partner is one, he may play and forget he has a life outside the video games.

For instance, I have a friend who would play video games for two days straight; he could only have his console and snack and would only get off the couch to go to the washroom. 

7. He Is Trying to Make You Jealous

Your partner may not text you over the weekend to make you jealous. According to psychology professor Gwendolyn Seidman, jealousy comes from the fear of abandonment. 

So, if your boyfriend is trying to make you jealous, he will stop texting you. This will make you wonder what he is doing or who he is texting with; it will make you pay more attention to him if you have not been giving him enough attention.  

There are several reasons he may be trying to make you jealous, for instance;

  • He is punishing you for hurting him.
  • He wants you to give him more attention.
  • He is insecure in the relationship.
  • He wants to know if you like him as much as he does.

8. He Has Different Communication Preferences

If your man prefers different modes of communication besides texting, he may never text you on the weekends. Instead, he may prefer calling or face-to-face communication. So, when you are not together, he may not text you but prefer calling. 

For instance, I once had a boyfriend who could not text if his life depended on it. Instead, his preferred mode of communication was always calling.

He could call and talk on the phone for hours, but he could never keep a conversation going via text. 

So, if your boyfriend is like this, cut him some slack; maybe he prefers hearing your voice on call or via video chat. 

9. He Is Not Interested in You Anymore 

Let me play the devil’s advocate again. If a man is not texting you, he has no interest in you. When a guy loses interest in you, the first thing they do is cut communication with you.

So, if your man is not texting you over the weekend, he could have lost interest in you. 

A man who is interested in you will keep in touch with you and will not go for long without texting you, let alone a whole weekend.

So, if you have been texting him without any replies, it could mean he is no longer interested in you and has most likely moved on to another person. 

What To Do if He Never Texts You on the Weekends

It is frustrating and confusing if you like someone and they never text you on the weekends. You will want to know what you can do to remedy the situation.

If your man never texts you on the weekends, here are some things you can do.

1. Talk To Him

If your man never texts you on the weekends, talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel. However, you should approach him politely and not use accusatory language. 

You can text him something like, “I have noticed you didn’t text me this weekend. Are you okay? Or is there something I need to know?” 

You can also have a face-to-face conversation with him to have him explain his reasons for not texting you on weekends. 

2. Don’t Bombard Him with Texts

If a man doesn’t text you on weekends, do not bombard him with texts. You can send one text to ask what is going on, but if it goes unanswered, let him be. 

Bombarding him with texts will make you seem needy and clingy, which is a turn-off for most people, and he may never text you again. 

I know you may be tempted to DM him on his social media. DON’T. It will only make you look creepy.

Some people text their man’s friends to see if they are with them, but don’t reach out to his friends; it is a desperate move, and he may label you wild. 

3. Ask Him about His Preferred Means of Communication

Everyone has their preferences, so if he never texts you on weekends, you should ask him about his preferred mode of communication. 

If he doesn’t like texting, you can use his preferred communication methods to talk to him. Incase he prefers calling, create some time to have a call with him, whether voice or video. If he prefers face-to-face conversations, create time for hanging out and talking. 

That being said, relationships are all about compromises, and you should not have to make all the sacrifices. Your man should also make an effort to keep in touch with you in your preferred mode of communication. 

4. Focus On Yourself

If a man never texts you on weekends, he has better things to do than talk to you. So, it would be best if you also did something for yourself.

Take the weekend to focus on yourself and do the things you love that you could not do if you were with him.

This is a good time to catch up on that chick freak you have been postponing watching or hanging out with your friends.

You can use the weekend to learn a new skill and improve yourself or take up a new hobby. The choices are endless. Just do what makes you happy and keeps you from thinking about him. 

5. Cut Your Losses and Move On

If he is not texting you on weekends because he has a girlfriend or a wife or isn’t interested in you anymore, it is time to cut your losses and move on. 

I know it hurts when it turns out the person you love doesn’t love you back or has another girlfriend. However, you should not sit and wallow in self-pity.

Cry if you must, but do not dwell on the relationship; pick up your crown and move on. You deserve someone who wants to be with you all the time and not use you to fill his time when his wife or girlfriend is not around. 

Moreover, he is not texting you because he is too busy working or playing video games; it is time to leave.

No one is so busy that they cannot spare a minute to send a message, it is all about priorities, and you are not his priority. After all, if he wanted, he could. 

Plus, it is better to cry now and heal than to have him break your heart when you are more invested in the relationship. 


 With texting being the easiest mode of communication, being in a relationship with someone who never texts you on the weekends can be frustrating.

Your man may not be texting you on the weekends for many reasons. They include having another girlfriend or secret family, being too busy at work, being out of town, or he is busy playing video games. 

Moreover, if your man has lost interest in you, punishing you or trying to make you jealous, he may never text you on weekends. 

There are many ways to handle this situation; for instance, you can talk to him and ask him about his preferred mode of communication if he doesn’t like texting.

If he is not texting you because he has another girlfriend or family, it is better to cut your losses and move on. Get someone who appreciates you and is always there for you. 

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