How To Make Him Feel Guilty Over Text

This article will provide tips on how to make him feel guilty over text while also assisting you in dealing with whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

Do you want to hurt your boyfriend and lower his self-esteem? Making him feel guilty about what he did is a powerful approach to get him to apologize or do what you want. 

If you decide to guilt trip him, remember connecting with him is more important than getting what you want. Moreover, you may guilt trip him and not get what you want. 

Making him feel bad by playing games will only get him to think about you briefly. It is better to send him a text message or behave in a manner that makes him self-conscious.

Don’t try to hurt his feelings since it’s childish. No one wants a boy, and no one wants an emotionally immature woman. Small-scale retaliation offers you a brief thrill but accomplishes nothing.

He might have cheated on you, caused you harm physically or mentally, or abandoned you. You want to text them to tell them what a terrible guy he is. Will he realize what he’s missing once you leave? If you do this, will he never hurt you again? 

Nevertheless, it would be best if you first change your thoughts. So, let’s discuss how you should feel right now before you send him even one text message.

Have the Correct Mindset

According to Martin Day and Ramona Bobocel, guilt piques people’s interest. You might find this fact fascinating. However, it takes more than guilt for someone to realize their mistakes.

While you’re trying to make him feel bad, the challenge is getting him to behave properly. And attraction is the proper emotion to experience rather than attempting to hurt his feelings.

It wouldn’t be desirable for him to begin feeling bad for you. Attraction is the strategy you need to apply. If the guy finds you attractive, he will fall in love with you rather than you falling in love with him. Do you want to learn how to achieve it in your current and future relationships?

You can persuade him that you are beautiful rather than make him feel guilty about what he did. You won’t need to make him feel awful about what he did if you can resolve your issues with this.

He will find out alone because you’ll make him feel good about himself and make him think twice before hurting you. I know it seems contradictory, but this is the key to persuading him to recognize his error.

The Strategy

According to Cleveland Clinic research, being attractive requires considering all the elements that enhance one’s appearance.

Some of these include becoming more outgoing, self-assurance, self-confidence, self-awareness, and the ability to attempt new things and meet new people.

Many traits and characteristics can increase someone’s attractiveness. I don’t want you to write a nasty text message to your boyfriend; however, I want you to listen to him.

I understand that you want to express to him how offended you are by what he did. But sometimes it’s better to restrain yourself.

You may feel you don’t want to enjoy yourself with him. However, you should be completely honest with someone you love.

Making him understand who you are will make all the difference. It is not about the competition, so consider what will make him pursue you rather than walk away.

Why is He ignoring You?

According to a National Library of Medicine study, people usually feel angry when ignored by their loved ones. In a relationship, being ignored is hurtful regardless of the reason, but understanding the reason can help you cope.

Find out why he is ignoring you in the first place before you consider how to make him feel guilty for ignoring and hurting you. You have to consider some things before making a decision to make him feel guilty. 

  • Is this something you can talk about and then put aside?
  • Is this just a one-time thing?
  • Did he ignore you so he could go drink with his friends?
  • Did he ignore you so he wouldn’t have to text and drive?
  • Was he upset at a meeting and couldn’t say anything?

You can take care of this without making him feel awful. Then, find out why he wasn’t paying attention to you.

Perhaps he was driving and could not look at his phone, which is understandable (you want him alive after all).

And if he was at work, he should let you know when he had a meeting or was busy so you wouldn’t believe he was ignoring you. It only takes a minute and removes a lot of doubts and anxiety.

I would rather someone who shoots me a text to tell me they will be busy throughout the day instead of having my calls and texts going unanswered. It is not too much to ask for.

But if he doesn’t pay attention to you when he’s with his buddies, you might make him feel awful since that’s not cool.

But if he was agitated and needed time alone before saying something he could later regret, you can relax knowing that this is how he deals with stress.

Maybe the next time he wants some space, he can just text you to let you know. That way, you’ll know he’s not cruelly neglecting you.

How to Make a Guy Feel Guilty Over Text

All you have to do is refocus a guy’s attention on yourself to make him feel guilty about hurting you.

It will not only make you feel good by giving you a chance to think about something other than your sadness and anger, but it will also make him think about why he did what he did.

He might even have second thoughts and want you back if he had broken up with you. But, if he doesn’t pay attention to you, he isn’t into you anymore. Guys do this for many different reasons, none of which are good.

He’s either being a coward or trying to fool others. In either situation, the guy is someone you don’t want to be around.

So, keep reading to know how to make a guy feel guilty about neglecting you. We will also discuss various situations where you might want to text him to make him feel guilty.

If He Has Cheated On You

Why would you want to talk to someone unfaithful to you? It’s not worth it to send messages, phone, meet, or do anything else to talk to such a person.

He doesn’t care about you if he cheated on you. He wouldn’t have done that if he cared about you so much.

You might think he was doing so by mistake or just once. But how did you feel about it? You are certainly lying to yourself if you feel bad about it.

So stop acting and deal with the truth. Perhaps he is just a jerk and unworthy of your time.

However, you can make him feel bad by sending him this text:

“I hope what you accomplished made you proud and that it was worthwhile. The worst thing you can do is intentionally damage our connection in any way. Please let me know if you want your gifts back. You may keep mine as I don’t need it.” 

This message will make him consider what he did, even if he doesn’t feel awful about it. The first two sentences encourage him to act and inform him that his time with you was wonderful.

Also, by mentioning the gifts, you’re ending things with him and letting him know you don’t care about him.

Realizing that the person you are with doesn’t care about you is one of the worst feelings in the world. However, by simply caring about the gifts, you can demonstrate to him how significant he is to you.

If He Has Abused You Verbally or Physically

You are better off not talking to him if he has hurt you physically or verbally. Remember that no amount of love can compensate for violence in a relationship.

You should not accept violence and abuse, whether physical, verbal, emotional, or mental. If he can’t argue with you like an adult, there’s no reason to be in a relationship with that man-child.

Consider sending him this kind of text to make him feel guilty about his violent behavior:

“You have a lot of courage to act as you did today. I had no idea you were so capable. That fantastic spectacle is all I can think about.

My family and friends, however, disagree with me. They beg me to report you and brand you a sadist and a psychopath. They’re most likely just jealous of our friendship.”

He will undoubtedly be confused for some time by this one because understanding sarcasm requires both brain and time.

The first time you describe him as brave, you also call him out for being a coward. Instead of acting like a man and working things out, he let his emotions rule.

He will be astonished when he discovers that what he did has already spread and that he can no longer hide it.

By subtly employing the terms “psychopath” and “sadist,” he will understand who he is. Ultimately, the last statement gives him the impression that you would have defended him because you still care.

If He Has Dumped You

You must know what not to send a guy who has dumped you before you figure out what kind of text to send him. You don’t want him to think he did the right thing by leaving you.

The golden rule is to go against what makes sense or is right if you can; don’t talk to him for at least 30 days after he breaks up with you.

You may want to contact him just to “check-in” on him during this period but do not entertain the idea.

However, if you have to communicate with him, ensure he feels guilty about his actions. This message can certainly help with this:

“I appreciate the enjoyable time we shared and apologize for getting angry with you. I’ll learn from this relationship and the errors we made. They will benefit my future relationships and my entire life.”

Once more, this message works against your desire to reconcile with your partner. He anticipates that you would beg him to return and act needy, but you text him to let him know you are prepared to let the past go and move on.

This will negatively affect his self-esteem, for he no longer feels wanted. It would be best to adopt this mindset despite its challenge.

You won’t get anywhere if you cling to him, but if you dare to let go, he can apologize and get back to you.

If He Has Hurt Your Feelings

If a guy hurts your feelings, it is up to you to decide whether to text him or not. Various things may have happened in this situation, and he might have made something up. For example, you might have discovered he lied about something important.

Maybe you discovered something about him that he had been hiding all along. Since you were his partner, you expected he would open up to you. However, everyone can handle varying quantities of stress.

However, you should tell him that his actions hurt your feelings. In this regard, consider sending him this kind of text:

“You undoubtedly had a motivation for what you did, and I have mine for whatever I do. While I find it simple to forget, I don’t find it as simple to forgive. Just let’s avoid each other for a bit. It’s crucial to associate with kind and reliable people.”

This statement is straightforward, yet it’s evident that he has offended you. Although it appears threatening, it conveys that you don’t want to see his face in a while.

So, whatever you decide to do about the issue in the future, you are avoiding dishonest people like him for the moment. Also, the text had a slightly ominous tone, making him question what you are trying to say.


The greatest way to make a guy recognize his mistakes and feel guilty about them is to utilize his anger appropriately.

However, you won’t make any headway if you only think about him. But you can attain your goals if you focus on developing yourself, making your life better, and becoming a more appealing version of yourself.

Hopefully, your boyfriend will feel guilty, recognize the effects of his actions on you and start to change if he gets one of the above texts. If not, you’ll know you’ve done everything you can to tell him what you want. 

And if he still doesn’t listen, it’s time to move on because he doesn’t value and respect you as much as he should and honestly you deserve better.

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