11 Benefits of Being an Empath

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of being an empath.

Being an empath can sometimes be demanding. Few people will understand an empath’s high level of sensitivity. Sometimes people may shame you and tell you to develop thick skin. 

When put under pressure, our empath nature may feel more of a liability than an asset. Learning to live with this acute sensitivity is not easy.

However, there are many reasons why you should celebrate and embrace the gift of being an empath.

By the end of this article, you will have an in-depth understanding of how valuable your empath nature is.

You can set aside those wrong beliefs that something is wrong with you, embrace your identity and the many benefits it comes with.

Empaths have extreme sensitivity to the emotions and energy of their surroundings. Empaths have a natural, acute awareness of the tones, subtext, and nuances of people. 

Dr Judith Orloff MD

Benefits of being an empath. 

1. Empaths Are Natural Healers 

Have you ever wondered why people want to get close to you? Your warm and loving aura attracts them. They believe that you have the inert potential to gift them with your healing touch. 

Your high sensitivity guides you when comforting a bereaved friend. You also know when to listen without offering advice. 

You can connect with other people’s pain even when they are acting like nothing is wrong. 

An empath can gift healing by playing an instrument, voice, or touch. Others feel better by having you close to them. 

You have a clear understanding of someone’s pain and unspoken emotions. This gives you a powerful insight into what to do to help them. 

Also, people have deep faith in your judgment and respect your opinion. You may not be aware of it, but you may be a ray of light in the lives of people around you. Because of this, many empaths feel a calling to pursue energy healing. 

2. Empaths Are Intuitive 

Empaths are very intuitive. Have you had instances when you had a gut feeling about doing something? And you were later happy because you listened to your inner voice?

That was the voice of instinct. Intuition is a potent tool, and empaths are lucky that it flows naturally to them. 

We rely on our guts and feelings to understand and make sense of everything. And whenever we tap into our intuition, we are greatly rewarded. 

Your intuition helps you to be clear about your mission in life. You spend less time making decisions, especially when you trust your inner voice. Empaths can achieve much more in life. Their intuition illuminates their thought process. 

Also, intuition opens your mind to new ideas that your rational mind may not explore. It leads you to new opportunities that you could have otherwise missed. Your eyes are more open to things that could have otherwise remained shut to you. 

Intuition helps you to understand when things are off. You can tell when something is wrong with your clients and workers. 

An empath can quickly tweak their words and approach based on how others behave. Intuition can help you build or break a successful relationship or friendship.

This high level of sensitivity also helps an empath detect lies. It is difficult for someone to take undue advantage of you. 

You can accurately tell the change in the flow of a story. That is why you should always trust your gut feeling because it is your most sure guide. 

3. Empaths Are Helpful

Empaths are highly empathetic, helping others comes naturally for an empath. Your desire to help kicks in regardless of whether the person is a friend. Your trusting nature draws other people to you.

That is why you will find strangers asking you for random help. People trust that you will not hurt them.

An empath also has excellent listening skills. People turn to you when they need someone to talk to. You tend to feel good and have positive vibes whenever you help someone. 

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4. Empaths Connect with The Feelings of Other People

Have you ever noticed how easily you can connect with other people’s feelings? As an empath, you have the ability to understand other people’s emotions and feel them too.

Remember when someone told you about a situation that annoyed them, and you got annoyed? You may have also experienced intense pain when around a grieving person. 

But you did not understand the emotions since the person was not connected to you. 

Your feelings were a result of your ability to connect with their emotions. And this also extends to happy moments.

You can celebrate when your friends are having a joyous occasion. Whether sad or happy, people find you genuine and want you around them.

5. Empaths Are Compassionate 

Compassion often comes naturally to empaths, especially when it comes to disadvantaged people. You can easily champion and take action for the less privileged. 

You have a special love for young children, nature, and animals. Children feel closer and safer around an empath. 

Seeing other people in distress bothers you. You want to reach out and do something about it. You want to support anyone who is going through emotional or physical pain. 

Empaths greatly succeed in careers that allow them to feel other people’s emotions. For instance, you quickly pick cases that need your immediate attention as a doctor. 

You may also find yourself excelling as a teacher. The students feel closer to you and can confide in you when facing challenges. 

6. Empaths Experience Emotions Deeply

Empaths experience incredible highs and deep lows. You do not have blocking filters against overstimulation if you are an empath. 

You may not see this as a positive attribute, but it means that we heal quickly. We can process emotions as fast as they come and then dispel them. 

Empaths suffer emotional grief immensely. But they also have the ability to overcome the grief faster. So, empaths are also self-healers. 

Empaths are overly sensitive and feel positive feelings profoundly. This feeling allows us to enjoy memorable moments to the fullest.

Empaths can also experience a heightened sense of euphoria when re-living those moments. Empaths treasure good moments and those who caused them long after they have passed.

7. Empaths Enjoy Meaningful Relationships 

Empaths enjoy enriching relationships. There is no room for superficial friendship in their hearts.

Whether it is platonic or romantic relationships, empaths tend to take them seriously. 

Have you ever wondered why you have few but very close friends? Your intuition filters out everyone who is not authentic in your life. 

Understanding and compassion flow naturally to empaths. They are forgiving. They also apologize and are more willing to make amends. These attributes help them keep long-term friendships. 

Empaths are introverts and are guided when around people they do not trust. But they become extroverts and open to their trusted friends. 

Meaningful relationships help empaths to exercise their well-being. We feel safe when dedicating ourselves to a worthy cause. These relationships allow us to avoid situations that prevent growth and development. 

An empath’s goal in a relationship is growth and satisfaction. He is always eager to connect with people who share the same values. 

8. Empaths Crave for Time Alone

Empaths enjoy rich friendships. But they also crave time alone. Most times, you rely on gut feeling and imagination.

Solitude time is self care for you as it allows you to decompress and strengthen your intuition. Alone time also allows you to recharge after emotional overstimulation. 

Your Empath connection to other people increases your empathy. But solitude increases connectivity to yourself. Time in isolation increases happiness, stress management, and better life connection. 

The quiet time allows empaths to think about their own life goals. You can now escape from your usual “loud” environment.

You get a chance to listen to your own needs. You have been entirely selfless during other times. It is okay to be selfish and give yourself some love. 

Also, spending time alone increases your empathy for people not in your inner circle. Spending too much time with your friends sometimes creates the “we vs. them” mentality. 

Your body reacts to break the mindset by demanding alone time. 

Moreover, alone time enhances your connectivity to the environment. You give your thoughts some space to wander, sparking off your creativity. 

Sometimes I want to retreat, switch off the phone and just be me. And whenever I obey that desire, I return feeling recharged and productive. 

9. Empaths Are Aware of Their Environment 

Empaths have a heightened awareness of the environment as they can sense danger. Everyone can use their sixth sense; empaths are more attuned to it. 

An empath is acutely aware of any subtle changes in his surroundings. An empath can pick the energy that emanates from a particular person. You can smell danger around you. You feel an urgent need to move away.

This awareness helps you to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations. You can also act decisively and quickly to save other people’s lives. 

When the environment gives off positive vibes, your mood reacts, and you become happy. You can let go of any inhibitions and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

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10. Empaths Are Creative

Creativity is one of the most crucial traits in the workplace today. It enables us to develop ideas and solve problems innovatively. Creativity is fundamental in all humans, but it is enhanced in empaths. 

Empaths are naturally creative and use creativity as a form of self-expression and art. We collect so much from the environment and other people every day. We use creativity as a way of expressing those observations. 

Intuition plays a significant role in an empath’s creativity. You may find yourself putting lots of emotions and energy into your creation. 

Artistic hobbies such as writing and painting are a perfect fit for empaths. That’s why you find some forms of art giving powerful vibes just by looking at them. 

You will find an empath expressing own emotions in a painting as sad or happy. Empaths also use creativity as a problem-solving skill. Creativity helps them look at problems from different perspectives and explore other solutions. 

An empath may not always be able to solve a problem and can also find a way of going around them. Creativity allows empaths to overcome both short-term and long-term issues. 

Your friends know that you are good at solving problems. So, they take your suggestions for their challenges. 

Creativity enables empaths to be happier and more productive. As you stretch your productivity muscles, developing new ideas becomes more effortless. 

People around you may find it magical how fast you come up with solutions. But there is nothing new to it. You are just exercising what comes naturally to you. 

With time, creativity becomes a central part of an empath’s life. Writing a new poem or making music makes you more alert and focused. You are likely to be happier and more motivated. 

11. Empaths Have a Heightened Sense of Smell

The intensity with which empaths detect smell allows them to enjoy life. An empath appreciates food. They also enjoy other sensations, such as fresh flowers and essential oils. 

This high sense of smell also helps an empath when something is off. A slight leak of gas does not go unnoticed by an empath.

According to Sarah Williams, the author of Heyoka Empath and Starseed, some empaths can also smell disease in a person or an animal. 

Benefits of Being an Empath: Final Thoughts

It may not feel like it, but being an empath is a gift. It lets you enjoy the secrets of the universe beyond your wildest dreams. But sometimes, you have to deal with immense pain connected to your environment. 

And your inability to avoid emotions can be emotionally exhausting. But focusing on the gifts of being an empath can be rewarding, focus on experiencing the universe from a position of love rather than that of fear.

As an Empath, You have the unique gift of touching and healing others. You will literally feel others emotions more deeply and thus can uphold traits the universe is missing like empathy, kindness, and compassion.

It is important to set healthy boundaries as an empaths; avoid toxic people’s and negative energy from draining you.

Sometimes you may need to shield yourself from energy vampires. You can do this by taking some time off, enjoy your own company or spend time listening to music, meditating and journaling down your thoughts.

In case you are still feeling emotionally drained or have a hard time setting up boundaries, a psychologist can help you connect with yourself.

A psychologist can help you if you are struggling with your mental health or help you set boundaries to protect yourself from toxic people.

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