12 Signs He Likes You But Has A Girlfriend

In this article, we look at some common signs that a guy likes guys flirt with you even though he has a girlfriend.

Falling for a guy who has a girlfriend can be shaky. But sometimes it is confusing to know whether your crush likes you and if he has a girlfriend. 

So, you have this guy friend who checks all the boxes. Or you have had casual dates with him for a while. He is just a friend, but you can feel the chemistry between you. 

But wait, does he like you? And does he have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

You don’t want to catch the attention of a guy with a girlfriend. You know it is not right., but you are don’t want to lose a good friend. Besides, you want to spare yourself the heartache that might ensue with being the other woman. 

If you are reading this guide, you are most likely in this situation. 

Signs that he likes You, but he has a girlfriend.

As a woman, its important that you know where you stand with your guy friend. Before you develop feelings for him, its good to know if he has other women. Below are 11 signs that he likes you but has a girlfriend.

1. He Makes Eye Contact with You 

The most obvious sign that your guy friend likes you will steal glances at you. If interested in you, he will hold your gaze for longer before dropping it. 

A guy who is interested with you might even disregard the surroundings and recklessly stare at you.

If he has romantic interest in you, he will get anxious when your attention shifts to other men. He is trying to mark territory and feels insecure when he does not catch your attention. 

Remember that a guy holds your gaze if he wants to communicate something with you in public. Or maybe he thinks you are looking at him and is feeling anxious.

So, before making any conclusions, check out these other signs. 

2. He Keeps Contacting You

A guy who likes you is likely to keep in contact with you. He texts you, shares his personal life and asks you how your day was. If he takes keen interest on who you spend time with, that’s a major sign that he is interested with you.

Guys who barely talk might turn out to be a great conversationalist when they get attracted to a girl. They subconsciously want to know you better and strengthen the emotional connection.

He is also likely to follow you on social media, comment on your status, and like your photos. He could be keenly following you to find out if someone else exists.

If a guy likes you but is shy, he will text you a lot. He is curious to know your responses if he faces you. So, he will send craftily written messages.

A guy may also be texting you because he is not able to talk since his girlfriend is around. Have you tried returning his text with a call? What was his reaction? If he doesn’t accept calls and always makes some flimsy excuses, that’s a big sign that he has a girlfriend.

 If he is self-conscious, he will feel guilty about his actions. So might limit his communication to sometimes, when he is less likely to get caught. 

If you notice the same pattern repeating itself, thats a sure sign that he is has a girlfriend. He may not respond to your messages or calls at night and over the weekend. 

3. He Cares About His Appearance When You are Around

If a guy likes you, he wants to look his best when you meet. So, he will consciously adjust his clothes and hair when he sees you. 

He will tuck his shirt and look at his shoes to see if he looks good. But how do I know if he had an itch? 

A guy may adjust because he feels comfortable around you. In that case, he is likely to have a neutral expression. 

But if it’s because he’s into you, he is likely to check on your reaction. He will have his eyes on you and look for subtle changes on your face. 

He will also be careful about his look when he knows he will meet you. He may not change styles, but you will see the effort in dressing.

If he has a girlfriend but likes spending time with you, he may not be dressing to woo you. But he certainly cares deeply wants to leave a favorable opinion. Or he wants you to be sexually interested in him.

If the guy talking is low-key about his appearance when you are around, he might have a girlfriend.

4. He Treats You Differently From Other Women

A guy may be nice and caring around everyone else. But if he likes you, there will be an obvious difference between how he treats you and other girls.

For instance, a guy who likes you will tend to give you special attention when talking to you. He will also stay in step with you when you are walking down the stairs.

Your girlfriends may have noticed the clear signs and even pointed them out to you.

You might feel flattered by the special attention. But do not allow yourself to get into a relationship that you are unsure about.

5. His Body Language Says it All

When a guy likes you, he wants to get physically close to you. He might make attempts to remove barriers between the two of you. 

For instance, if he carries a bag, he will shift it to the shoulder. He will try to make physical contact with you when he gets close enough.

He might touch your hand instead of calling your name when he wants to tell you something. He will also try to position himself next to you whenever he can. 

Also, check for the way he sits when you are around. If he likes you, his knees will point toward you. It’s a subtle way of telling you, ” I know you are around.” 

If he can’t get close to you, he will likely have a seat directly facing you. 

A guy will make his intentions to get close to you more open if he does not have a girlfriend. He wants you to notice that he is there. 

He will hold your hand when crossing the street and not drop it immediately after.

But a guy who has a girlfriend will move close to you discreetly. He will also look around before making any form of physical contact. 

The intention of getting close will still be evident to you. It’s only a matter of time before starts flirting with you. He is trying to make you develop feelings for him.

If you do not to end up feeling miserable, don’t fall for it.

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6. He Remembers Things That You Have Shared With Him

When a guy likes you, he wants to know more about you. He will ask you things about yourself. He wants to know how you spend your free time and what tickles you. 

Whenever you share something important to him, he will likely remember it. 

For instance, you might have told him you are attending an interview in a few days. A guy who likes you will likely call later and ask you how everything went. 

He will also remember the shared past. For instance, a guy will remind you of a birthday party you attended together. Remembering these details shows that his attention was on you. 

7. He Consults You

We all ask the opinions of our friends, right? But a guy who likes you is different. He constantly asks your opinion about various topics and situations in his life.

When you give your suggestions, he also enjoys sharing his thoughts. He sees you as someone he values, and your opinion matters. If a guy has a girlfriend, he may limit the opinions he gets from you. 

For instance, he might want the opinion of his girlfriend in accepting a job offer. 

A guy who has a serious girlfriend already has a support system in his life. So, he is unlikely to tell you about his problems. 

So, a guy who consults you likes you, whether or not he has a girlfriend.  If a guy with a girlfriend consults you, it might be a sign that he doesn’t take her seriously. It would be good if you are extra cautious about such a person.

8. He Seeks Your Approval

A guy who likes you will want to talk to you about things that make him shine. For instance, he will speak to you about his academic excellence or sports prowess. 

He will also be keen on your response. If you praise him for his achievements, he might brush it off. But his eyes will glow, and he will want to keep the conversation going. 

If you are interested in the same topic, he will find a way of being helpful. For instance, if you say he wants to join college, he will suggest the best options. 

He wants you to recognize him and see him as brilliant. 

9. He Comes Through for You

A guy who likes you is most likely to assist you in difficult situations. He will do his best to follow through with any promises that he makes with you.

If your guy friend likes you, he will always try to follow through with your plans. He wants to make a favorable impact on you. So, he is not likely to ghost you or keep you waiting.

But if he has an existing relationship, he will try to balance the two. So, he is not likely to make random plans with you. You might mistake this for being meticulous in his plans. But the truth is that he can’t afford to be spontaneous because he has other interests to protect.

10. He Likes to Spend Time with You

A guy who likes you will want to spend quality time with you. He likes playing games with you, going for dinner or just chit chatting.

Come to think of it. If he does not like you, why would he invest his time with you? He could be having a thousand better things to do.

But is he just having harmless fun or does he have sexual desires for you? You don’t want to be caught in trouble. So its good to stay safe by checking how he treats other women.

If a guy relationship likes you, he give you special treatment. But he will try to make it look not too obvious. Does he like choosing you for joint assignments? Or maybe he always includes you on group invites. Then there could be more than meets the eye.

11. He Prefers Public Dates

If a guy likes you, he might want to invite you on dates. But if he takes you to public places, it might signify that he has a girlfriend. 

A guy with a girlfriend is also likely to take you to places he has never been. He does not want to bump into people he knows who might question him. 

Has he ever invited you to his place? If not, what do you think are his reasons? Maybe he is just getting to know you. 

But if you’ve known each other for some time, he might have something to hide. 

If a guy has a girlfriend, he will avoid spontaneous dates with you. So, do you always follow his schedule? It could be a sign that he is busy somewhere else. 

It could mean that you come second to his current relationship.  

12.  He is Secretive About You

If you have been going out on casual dates but do not know his friends, that’s an alarm.  A guy with a girlfriend will even invite you for a secret date. He He will give you a thousand reasons why he does not want to make it public.

Does he ever mention his desire for you to meet his family? If you meet his friends, how does he introduce you? 

Check out how he has saved you on his phone book. If you discover that he has used some weird names, he wants to keep you without someone else knowing. 

Sometimes a guy does not have a social media profile. But if he does, check out. So, he posts his friend on Facebook and Instagram. But he does not post you. It could mean he wants to keep it a secret. 

A guy who has a girlfriend is also likely to post her on social media. Suppose he has not; check his friends’ profiles. Most probably, they post them together. 

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How Can I Steal Him From His Girlfriend

What’s Next? 

By now you know that a guy with a girlfriend likes you. If you are still unsure about it, check with your instincts. If the above signs and your instincts check, you might be in trouble.

The flirting and the attention might feel good. But the end result may not be as interesting. Here are some tips that would help you with the next step.

If You Want Him to be Just a Friend, Let Him Know

Diana Sanchez, a psychologist at Rutgers, suggests that being true to oneself makes relationships work. You might be unsure of what the guy’s intentions are.

But you don’t want to be around someone guy does not take his current relationship seriously. Moreover, a guy who has a girlfriend may like you but won’t pursue the relationship further. 

And if he pursues you, he has two things in store for you. He is just playing you. Or he could be looking for an opportunity to break up with his girlfriend. 

But do you want to hang around until he decides what he wants? 

Some guys have a habit of keeping a girl hanging around. Please don’t fall for it. Remember that if he has done it with other women. The habit won’t stop with you. Well, unless you stop it.

It’s now up to you to be clear about what you want with the relationship. Chances exists that if you let him know your position, you will lose a friend. But the beauty about it is that you will be safe from losing a heart.

Steer Clear of the Relationship

Most guys who disrespect their current relationship may not take your limits seriously. Some will keep pushing, hoping that you will get interested. If you are dealing with such a person, you need to end that relationship.

Avoid your common places and do not give in to the dates. Remember that you may not be the first person that he is trying to play.

Most attention seekers have a habit of making women feel flattered. If you don’t want to fall prey, guide your wellbeing.

Check How you Behave towards Him

Many guys misinterpret your actions towards them with love. Sometimes the guy with a girlfriend may just be reciprocating your actions. Do you give him special attention?

Or it could be that you take him as your best friend, but he interprets otherwise. Maybe he thinks that you are open to a relationship without attachments. If you realize that some of your actions could be misinterpreted, it’s time to change.

If You are Interested with Him, Ask him About His Status

Sometimes the guy could be genuinely interested in you and does not have a girlfriend. if you are still unsure about his current relationship status, you would just ask him. You know that the answer can go either way.

But there is also a remote chance that you were wrong. Either way, you no longer have to be worried about how to act around him.

Can I Take a Chance with Him?

Sometimes the connection maybe too deep that you want to give him a chance. But before you give in to the temptation, remember that a guy flirting with you but is in a relationship is also likely not to take you seriously.

Sometimes the guy is genuinely not happy with the current relationship. But most of the time, he is taking his girlfriend for granted.

If you don’t know the quality of the guy’s current relationship, give him some space. He will figure out what he wants with time.

He thinks that the other girl is better because he does not know your weak areas. But once he gets to know you better, chances are that he will hurt you and go back to his girlfriend.

Chances are that if he really likes you, he will come back to you when he is free for a relationship. If that never happens, then you were not meant to be.

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