How Can I Steal Him From His Girlfriend?

This is an article on how you can steal him from his girlfriend. Read on to learn how to make a taken man yours.

Are you in love with a guy who has a girlfriend? When falling in love with someone, you don’t know if he is taken or not.

So, you have met this amazing guy, and you don’t know he has a girlfriend; all you know is you want him now, and there is nothing anyone can do or say to stop you. But wait a minute; he has a girlfriend.

It sucks that whenever you like a guy, he is with someone else, and you don’t want to let go of the perfect man because he is taken.

So, you have to convince this guy you are the ideal woman for him.

It is morally wrong to steal a man from his girlfriend, and you should only do this if you are truly in love with him and believe you will be a better girlfriend to him than his current girlfriend.

Do not steal a man from his girlfriend because you are bored, and leave him high and dry when you get something shiner to play with.

So, how do you convince him you are a better girlfriend for him?

How Can You Steal Him From His Girlfriend?

If you are sure this is the guy you want, and you sincerely believe you will be a better girlfriend to him and make him happier than his current girlfriend, follow this guide to help you steal him from his girlfriend.

However, you should pursue a taken man at your own risk. If you steal a man from his girlfriend, what are the odds that another girl won’t use the same technique to steal him from you?

Karma is a bitch, and so are some guys. That being said, here are ways to steal him from his girlfriend.

1. Look Attractive Around Him

If you want to steal a man from his girlfriend, you should always look your best around him. The best way to get a man’s attention is to catch his eye.

According to studies, a man’s brain responds more to visual stimuli than the female brain, so if you want to catch a man’s attention and steal him from the girlfriend, look your best around him.

Looking attractive doesn’t mean you have to have a perfectly symmetrical face or a perfect body though it doesn’t hurt.

When looking to steal a man from his girlfriend, you should always dress well around him and be confident.

There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. So, the more confident you are in your body, the more attractive you will be to a potential suitor.

Dress your body, look good, and feel good about yourself; he will notice you.

2. Get Into A Staring Game

Now that you are oozing confidence and have his attention, it is time to make him know something is going on. Play the staring game with him. How? You ask.

Stare at him occasionally, and when he catches you looking, look away in a cute and shy way. Make him curious and let him wonder if you like him.

Men love attention and especially if it is from a good-looking girl. So, even if he has a girlfriend, he will want to know if you are into him.

When he notices you staring at him a few times, play cold for a few days and let him miss your stare.

Soon enough, he will try to get your attention. Look at him and look away; do not let him hold your gaze; it will drive him up the wall if he can’t get your attention.

3. Have Conversations With Him

As much as men are visual, looking good is not enough to steal a man from his girlfriend. You must also set yourself apart from all the other attractive girls in his eye line.

A guy will see a lot of attractive girls but will not fall in love with them; he will fall in love with the girl who has something extra to bring to the table.

A great conversation with the guy you have your sights on will set you apart from the other girls.

Most men lack emotional compatibility with the people they meet, and you need him to be compatible with you.

So, when you spend time with him, talk about conversation with him. You can start with light-hearted conversations and move to more serious and intellectual ones.

Men want someone attractive, but they also want to know you can hold your own in an intellectual conversation. So this is the time to show him how smart you are.

You can ask about his job and future plans when talking to him. Have him tell you about his ambitions and dreams.

If you are familiar with that field, you can offer a few tips about his job. You can also ask him for tips about your job; men love that.

4. Win Over His Friends

If you want to steal a guy from his girlfriend, win over his friends. One of the best ways to get into a guy’s life is by being friends with his friends.

Most guys prioritize their friends, and winning over his friends will put you in his good graces.

Be easygoing, witty, and funny around his friends; it will show him how good a fit you are together. If his friends like you, he is bound to like you too.

However, you should be careful; you don’t want to come off too close to his friends. Don’t flirt with them, as it may backfire on you.

If a guy sees you flirting with his friends, he may want to be nice and set you up with them, defeating your whole point.

However, according to Nicole Moore, relationship coach, if the guy is the alpha of the group, having his friends have a crush on you will increase your appeal to him.

5. Be Emotionally Supportive

Many men do not have the emotional support they need in their relationships because of the toxic belief that men are strong and should not show their vulnerabilities.

So if you want to steal him from his girlfriend, be emotionally supportive.

Men need someone to be there for them through thick and thin, as we all do, so be his shoulder to lean on.

Be his listening ear when he is going through a tough time. You should also sympathize with him.

For instance, if he is having a hard time at work, reassure him you like him unconditionally.

Moreover, you should give him a safe space to vent and assure him he doesn’t have to pretend to be okay around you.

With time, he will crave your sensitivity and kindness, open up to you, and want to be around you more often.

6. Be Vulnerable Around Him

If you want to steal a guy from his girlfriend, be vulnerable around him.

I know this may be hard for the alpha females out there, but if you want to steal a guy from his girlfriend, you need to bring out his protective side.

Guys are protective by nature, and if you want to win him over, let him protect you. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be something big; you don’t need to put yourself in danger.

A simple thing is holding on to his arm when crossing the street or asking for help with “heavy” groceries. You may even ask for his help with your heel straps.

When he comes to your aid, thank him with a coy smile. After a while, he will want to be around you more because you appreciate him.

7. Lightly Flirt With Him

You have laid the groundwork; you look good and confident, are his shoulder to lean on, and have great conversations with him.

However, your work is not done. You may need to do more if you want to steal a guy from his girlfriend.

Some guys take time to take the hint, and many only see you as a friend. So, you need to lightly flirt to show him you want to be more than friends with him.

However, as much you want him, you don’t want to come off too strong; be a little mysterious.

If you flirt and come off too strong, he will know you have a crush on him, and he may lose interest in you, and you will remain the girl who has a crush on a guy with a girlfriend.

Don’t bust the suspense bubble and always make him think he is the one giving you attention. This way, he will try to win you over. So, don’t text him too often or come off too flirty.

Moreover, if you are too flirty, his girlfriend may snoop through his phone, find the texts and force him to cut communication with you. 

8. Know The “Enemy”

If you want to steal him from his girlfriend, you need to know your “enemy.” The girlfriend is not your enemy in the real sense. She is looking for love the same way you are.

However, to steal a guy from his girlfriend, you need to know the girlfriend’s strengths and weaknesses.

In this technological age, knowing about a person is easy, especially if they have social media accounts.

You can snoop through her social media accounts to learn more about her. You may also talk to some friends discreetly and ask about her.

Know what type of person she is and what their differences are.

Once you know their differences, capitalize on bringing up your similarities. Use their differences to your advantage by bringing your similarities subtly to his attention.

Compatibility is important in a relationship, so if you bring your similarities to his attention, he will wonder if you would make a better girlfriend than his current one.

For instance, if the guy is outgoing and the girlfriend is shy, bring out your fun side.

You can do this on social media like Instagram, Tiktok, or YouTube videos. If he sees your fun side, he will want to be with someone more like him.

9. Be A Challenge

I know this goes against everything you want right now, but most men like a challenge; their thrill is in the chase.

You can subtly let him know that you like him but do not give him the attention he wants and let him chase you.

Go about your business like he doesn’t exist. Don’t force him to choose you. Instead, be confident that he will choose you over his girlfriend.

Confidence is sexy; when you don’t give him attention, he will crave it and chase you down because he sees you as a challenge he can explore.  

10. Spend Time With Him

The best way to steal a guy from his girlfriend is to spend time with him. So if you have eyes on a guy with a girlfriend, you should spend more time with him without making it obvious you like him.

For instance, you can make friends with his friends and hang out with them when he is around. You can also take an interest in his hobbies and get activities to do together.

If he has a great time with you, he will compare the time he spends with his girlfriend with the time he spends with you, so be fun and spontaneous.

11. Touch Him

You need to work your magic with touch to steal a guy from his girlfriend. You are already spending time with him, and he is warming up to you. So, the next thing you need is to create chemistry through touch.

For instance, when you hug him, you can linger for a few more seconds or hold his land a little longer after the hug.

If he already knows something is in the air, you can give him flirty touches to give him the green light to come after you.

Moreover, you can lightly touch him when talking to him; you can express your surprise by touching his arm. You can go ahead and make light, flirty touches but don’t make it too obvious.

12. Be His Friend

One of the sure ways to steal a man from his girlfriend is to be his friend. Unfortunately, when most people enter relationships, they do not take the time to be friends first.

According to research, people who are platonic friends first have longer relationships before getting into a romantic relationship.

So, make friends with him if you want to steal him from his girlfriend. A platonic friendship will give you a first-class entry into his life, and you will learn more about him and his relationship, putting you in a better place to win him over.

However, take care not to get into the friend zone; it isn’t easy to come out of. So, be a friend but always through the hint that you are into him and keep the possibility of a relationship open.

13. Don’t Speak ill of the Girlfriend

If you are friends with the guy you want to steal from his girlfriend, chances are he will talk to you about his girlfriend.

If this happens, do not speak ill of the girlfriend; I know it is tempting, but it is not your place, and talking ill about his girlfriend will not make him like you.

Remember, the point is to make him see what he is not getting from her.

Bottom Line

When you fall in love with someone, you may not know if they have a girlfriend or not. However, if you find he has a girlfriend, you may want to steal him from his girlfriend. This is morally frowned upon, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

So, if you decide to steal him from his girlfriend, you can use several strategies. Some include looking attractive around him, having great conversations, and starting a staring game.

You can also win over his friends, be emotionally supportive and vulnerable around him and lightly flirt with him.

Additionally, spend time with him, touch him, be his friend, and last but not least, be a challenge.

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