11 Mistakes A Married Man Should Never Repeat

This article will look at mistakes a married man should never repeat.

Marriage is hard work. There are no perfect marriages and no perfect spouses. All marriages go through ups and downs.

Mistakes happen sometimes, but some mistakes can be very costly and may even cost you your marriage.

When navigating the complexities of marriage, there are some mistakes a married man should never repeat.

Mistakes happen, but learning from your previous mistakes is important to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Marriages today suffer because people make some common mistakes and repeat them over and over until the spouses feel there is no redemption for their marriage.

Recognizing these mistakes and never repeating them will help your marriage.

Mistakes A Married Man Should Never Repeat

Mistakes happen, that’s life, but there are mistakes a married man should never repeat.

Some mistakes will cost you your marriage, and you should not make them as a married man, and if you have, you should never repeat them. Some of these mistakes include;

1. Infidelity

Infidelity is one common mistake a married man should never repeat. It is one of the leading causes of divorce in marriages. According to research, at least 58% of divorces stem from infidelity.

On the off chance that your marriage did not end in divorce the first time you cheated on your wife, or she didn’t catch you cheating, you should never cheat on her again.

If you claim to love your wife, you should never put her through the hurt of cheating on her.

When you married her, you promised to protect her, which also means protecting her from the hurt you may cause her.

Some men may say they never cheated because they are not physical with anyone else. However, infidelity can be physical or emotional.

Emotional infidelity doesn’t involve physical intimacy, but the person invests a lot of their emotional energy outside the marriage and may receive emotional support and companionship from someone else.

Infidelity is one mistake a married man should never repeat if they have already made it because it not only hurts his spouse, ruins love and affection, and breaks trust, but it can also bring disease into the marriage.

2. Withholding intimacy

Another mistake a married man should never repeat is withholding intimacy from their wife.

Marriage allows couples to have emotional and physical bonding. As a married man, you are supposed to meet your spouse’s sexual and emotional needs.

Intimacy helps a couple to strengthen their love, and withholding intimacy will cause resentment in the marriage and may even lead to a breakup.

It is your duty as a married man to understand your wife’s needs and give pleasure to her.

Moreover, ignoring emotional intimacy is a mistake many married men make and one a married man should not repeat. Emotional intimacy is the foundation of a thriving marriage.

Not investing time and effort to understand your partner’s emotional needs can lead to a sense of loneliness and disconnect in the relationship.

Psychologist Rachel Needle emphasizes the importance of emotional intimacy, “Being emotionally available creates a safe space for your partner to share their feelings.”

3. Not Showing Empathy

Not showing empathy is one mistake a married man should never repeat. The ability to recognize your wife’s feelings and acknowledge them is important in a marriage.

Empathy is something women are better at than men. Women want their feelings to be understood and validated; men have to discover this.”

When a woman tells you what she is going through, she wants you to listen to her and validate her feelings. However, most men go into fix mode.

When your wife comes to you with a problem, listen to her and validate her feelings; if she needs you to fix the problem, she will tell you.

4. Not Spending Time With His Wife

Not spending time with their wives is a common mistake married men should never repeat. Many men would rather do other things than spend time with their wives.

When you were dating, and during the honeymoon phase, you couldn’t get enough of your wife and spent every available moment with her.

However, after some time in marriage, everything changed, and you took to spending your time doing other things.

I know life gets in the way, but as much as you want to work or meet with friends, you should also set aside time to bond with your wife.

Spending time with your wife makes her feel wanted, and it helps strengthen the bond between you.

Moreover, time spent together will help you understand your wife better and grow with her in the relationship.

Moreover, if you don’t spend time with your wife, you will lose touch with her, creating resentment in the relationship.

5. Lack Of Communication 

Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship; without it, a relationship will fail. Lack of communication is a mistake a married man should never repeat.

Lack of open and honest communication with your spouse is a grave mistake in a marriage. According to research, lack of communication accounts for at least 53% of divorce cases.

Lack of communication can create distance and misunderstanding in marriage, leading to unresolved conflicts.

When you don’t communicate, you can’t talk about the problems in your relationship, which lead to a pile of unresolved issues which cause resentment and eventual breakups.

Some common communication mistakes married men make include withholding feelings, avoiding difficult discussions, and failing to actively listen to their partner’s concerns.

6. Taking Your Partner For Granted 

Another common mistake a married man should never repeat is taking his partner for granted. When you have been together for a long time, you may slip into the habit of taking each other for granted.

When your wife feels you don’t appreciate her, she may harbor resentment towards you, leading to more problems in the relationship.

A married man should always appreciate their wife and make them feel wanted. A little gratitude goes a long way in a marriage.

According to psychologists, neglecting to express appreciation and gratitude can erode the emotional connection in a marriage, and your wife may even think you don’t like her anymore.

Avoid this mistake by regularly showing your spouse you value and cherish them through kind words and gestures.

For instance, if you come home after a long day and find the house in order, the kids feed, and the food on the table, thank your wife.

She, too, works hard to maintain your household. You can also take her out for a date night once in a while to appreciate her and keep your emotional connection alive.

7. Keeping secrets

Being open and honest in a marriage is important. However, one mistake many married men make is keeping secrets from their wives.

If you are married and keep secrets from your wife, it is a mistake you should never repeat. Keeping secrets from your wife is a first-class ticket to a breakup.

When your wife feels you are not telling her everything, she will resent you, and it will be worse if she finds out you actually keep secrets from her.

When you keep secrets from your wife, she feels like she is living with a stranger and will always wonder what else you are keeping from her.

Keeping secrets from your wife tells her you don’t trust her enough to tell her some things, and what’s the use of staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t trust you?  

For instance, some married men make investments and never tell their wives or have second families or other children out of wedlock, and God forbid, when something happens to the man, the wife finds out about these things on his deathbed or after they passed on.

This puts the wife in a difficult situation and may cause problems for the family moving on.

Moreover, if she finds out about the secrets when you are around, she will resent you and may even ask for a divorce because she feels she is living with a stranger.

8. Not Speaking Her Love Language

Everyone has their love language, and one mistake a married man should never repeat is not knowing and speaking their wife’s love language.

When you don’t speak your wife’s love language, you will try your best to make her happy, but she will not be happy because the things you do are not what she would rather have done.

There are five love languages, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, gifts, and words of affirmation.

If your wife’s love language is acts of service and yours is physical touch, and you always want to be physically intimate with her, she will not feel loved because you don’t speak her love language.

Spend time with your wife and learn her love language so you can learn how best to love her.

A married man who speaks his wife’s love language has a better relationship as it helps strengthen their love and affection.

9. Not Participating In Household Responsibilities 

Another mistake a married man should never repeat is not participating in household chores.

In today’s marriages, women are expected to have a job and still do the household chores when the husband gets to work and doesn’t participate in the household chores. 

Neglecting to participate in the daily chores and child-rearing will create resentment and stress in the marriage.

Couples should discuss and divide household responsibilities based on their strengths and availability. 

For instance, if you both have a job, you should divide the household chores equally.

When you get back from work, help your wife clean as she prepares dinner or take care of the kids and help them with their homework. 

If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, help her with the kids and some chores when you get back from work.

Give her a break to take a shower and have a minute to herself. She needs it after taking care of the home the whole day.

10. Neglecting Self-Care

Self-care is important to create healthy relationships. Another common mistake a married man should never repeat is neglecting self-care. 

When many men get married, they let themselves go. When you were dating, you wanted your girlfriend to be attracted to you, but now that she is your wife, you figure you don’t have to put any effort anymore. 

Self-care makes you attractive, and a well-rounded man is more attractive to their wives.

Even after marriage, you should strive to maintain your body so your wife will love you and be attracted to you. 

When you let yourself go, your wife may love you but is not sexually attracted to you because you changed; the man she was attracted to and married no longer exists. 

As much as women are moved by what they hear, they are also attracted to good-looking men and know when they see one. 

So, to ensure your wife is always attracted to you, practice and prioritize self-care. 

For instance, if you were going to the gym when you met, keep at it; she saw you before you even talked to her.

Good grooming will also go a long way to keep you attractive to your wife. 

11. Not Supporting Your Wife’s Goals and Dreams

As a husband, you are supposed to be your wife’s number-one cheerleader. So, if you don’t support your wife’s goals and dreams, it is one mistake you should never repeat.

When you support your wife’s goals, she feels loved and has a sense of belonging. Your wife is your partner, and her success is success for the whole family. 

Moreover, supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations is essential for a successful marriage.

Failing to support your wife’s goals and dreams will lead to feelings of fulfillment and resentment. 

So, if your wife wants to grow in her career, support her; if he wants to further her studies or change her career path, be her cheerleader and do everything possible to help her achieve her dreams.  

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Parting Shot 

Mistakes are inevitable in marriages and can be costly; they can even cost you your marriage.

That being said, there are mistakes a married man should never repeat if he hopes to keep his marriage strong. 

Some of these mistakes include; infidelity, withholding intimacy, lack of communication, and not showing intimacy. 

Moreover, a married man should never keep secrets from his wife, take her for granted, not spend time with her or speak her love language. 

Other mistakes a married man should never repeat are neglecting self-care, not supporting his wife’s goals and dreams and not participating in household responsibilities. 

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