8 Surprising Empath Abilities

In this article, we will delve into the world of empath abilities and explore eight unique and surprising abilities that empaths possess.

An empath is a highly sensitive person who absorbs the emotions of others like a sponge. Empaths have no emotional boundaries.

So, they often mistake others’ feelings for their own. They end up feeling exhausted and presenting problems such as anxiety and depression. 

Empaths are often misjudged as society’s weaklings. Others describe them as too good, caring, and without a backbone. 

Judith Orloff explains that being an empath does not make you a sentimental person without discernment. Rather, it keeps your heart open to foster understanding and tolerance. 

Empaths are a gift to the world; when they discover their abilities, they understand their purpose in life. 

But being an empath without fully grasping your abilities can weaken you. You are easily affected by your surroundings’ energies, feelings, and emotions. 

Mastering your natural abilities helps you to overcome constant exhaustion from sensory overload.

Empath Abilities 

Here are the 8 empath abilities that make most empaths unique from other people. 

1. Intuition

Intuition is the ability to grasp and understand something without recourse to conscious thinking. Individuals with high intuitive powers understand events, people, and things before they happen. 

Empaths use their intuition to look into their subconscious memories. It becomes a road map to their life, guiding them to the right places and people. As a result, they live happy lives without regrets. 

In addition, intuition helps empaths to stay true to themselves. They don’t have to bow to pressure because they know what’s best for them. As a result, they make good, well-thought decisions after taking the necessary time. 

Because of the gift of intuition, empaths better understand the people around them. They know when someone is happy, depressed, or worried. They also know the right words to say, making them dependable friends. 

Others like getting close to them and do not struggle to confide in them about their struggles. 

Empaths are good at reading body language. So, they detect lies or when someone is not being genuine. They can also tell when someone is bleeding inside and pretending to be okay. 

Unfortunately, intuition power leads empaths into relationships with narcissistic people. They perceive the hurt behind the narcissists’ actions and feel drawn to help them. 

Learning to create boundaries will protect you from negative vibes if you are an empath. 

2. Psychic Abilities 

Only empowered empaths have psychic abilities. Whereas intuition and psychics seem the same, they are quite different. Intuition is the ability to decipher something without a conscious thought process. 

Psychic ability is a honed, cultivated, and conscious intuitive action. For example, when you hold someone’s hand to see their future. 

Psychic empaths go beyond physical presence. They can sense what is happening miles from where they are at present. They can also predict a stranger’s future with outstanding accuracy. 

Psychic empaths get insights about your past without having to enquire about it. 

Animals and plant empaths communicate with these living objects using their psychic abilities. Some psychic empaths have astral projection abilities, whereby they get out-of-body experiences. 

Other people can learn to be psychics. But it flows more naturally to empaths because their third eye is already open. 

Empaths can develop their psychic abilities through spiritual practices such as meditation. If you are an empath, regularly using your intuition can also help unlock the psychic in you. 

Empaths with psychic abilities enjoy greater intimacy with themselves. They view all things in three dimensions. So, they have a great understanding of their own lives. 

Psychic empaths have a unique ability to guide people in making the right decisions about their future.

3. Empathic Powers 

Empathy is the ability to feel and share emotions with other people. Having empathy may seem natural to human beings. But the truth is that people have different levels of empathy. 

On the lowest level are the psychopaths and sociopaths. These people have no empathy and can do anything to achieve their selfish purpose. They don’t have a conscience, so they never regret their decisions. 

Normal people fall within the group of those with average empathy. These people can feel empathy and compassion for those who are suffering. They can also genuinely share in the joys of others. 

But empaths have the highest level of empathy. They absorb people’s emotions as their own. They understand people’s sorrow because it strikes through their hurts.

Empaths go to great extents to help the suffering, sometimes sacrificing themselves. As a result, they often forget themselves and live as martyrs. 

Emotional empaths can also feel people’s emotions even when they have never gone through the situation. For instance, an empath can understand a person who has lost a dog even if he does not keep pets. 

4. Telepathy

Like psychic abilities, only some empaths have telepathic abilities. Telepathy is the transmission of information without using human sensory channels. 

It happens between two living things (people and animals) within an observable timeline. Telepathic empaths can read what’s happening in other people before they express it. They receive information through flashes, knowing, images and messages. 

A telepathic empath can perform the following activities.

  • Read a person’s mind by hearing or sensing the other person’s intellect.
  • Impress an image or thought message to the recipient, whether person or animal.
  • Communicate with others using their minds or soul. (Spirit talk). 
  • Manipulate other people’s actions, emotions or thoughts. 

Telepathic empaths fall under six different forms, according to their abilities. 

  • Retrocognitive Telepathic Empaths 

These empaths have the ability to receive information about a person’s past. They use this information to understand the root of repetitive negative habits. 

With this knowledge, they can understand what’s happening in the present. Retro Cognitive empaths help people to break from negative habits by tackling the past.

  • Instinctual Telepathic Empaths 

These empaths receive present revelations. They reach beyond what an individual is projecting and understand their true feelings. 

  • Latent Telepathy Empaths 

Empaths with latent telepathy can receive messages in the present. But there is a time lag between when the message is sent to the empath’s mind to when he receives and understands it. 

  • Precognitive Empaths 

Empaths with precognitive telepathy get flashes of information about the future. They can receive messages and visions about the future with almost perfect accuracy. 

  • Emotive Telepathy Empaths 

Empaths with emotive telepathy use energy wavelengths. They can true or influence the emotions of other people. 

  • Superconscious Empaths

Superconscious empathy is the ability to receive information outside someone’s mind. For instance, some empaths can tell what is happening miles away and the cause of it.

5. Heightened senses 

Empaths have heightened senses. Their sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling are sharper than those of ordinary individuals. 

Heightened vision allows empaths to look at and capture the finer details. They can understand body language better than other people. 

Also, they easily notice when something is out of place. Empaths have a unique ability to store images and scenes in their minds. 

Due to heightened vision, empaths get overwhelmed by sharp brightness and bright colors. 

The heightened ability to smell and taste helps empaths enjoy the essence of life. They can smell the rain, flowers, and the earth.

In addition, they enjoy good food and know when something is off with what they are eating. Empaths are good at differentiating fragrances. So, they are a perfect fit in the perfume-making industry. 

The sense of smell also enables mothers to have a greater connection with their babies. They can smell their way to their kids from a large crowd. 

Coupled with their listening skills, heightened hearing makes empaths great communicators. Healthy hearing eliminates the frustrations of having communication gaps. It also further enables empaths to store all sorts of energy. 

You may have come across those people who only need to attend classes to pass their exams. They recall what someone said, where they stood, and their facial expression. 

Some empaths have a powerful touch, also known as tactile perception. They can receive and share emotions with other people through touch. 

In addition, they manipulate and influence other people’s emotions by touching them. Because empaths are kind and compassionate, they mostly share positive vibes.

So tactile empaths are perceived as kind and comforting people. But due to the heightened sensitivity, empaths also suffer tactile defensiveness. They are overly sensitive to some touch sensations and textures. 

6. Natural healers 

Most empaths can heal. Contrary to what people think, empaths do not heal through magic but by a gentle touch. 

An empath can feel someone’s pain as if it is his own. Empowered empaths understand that this pain is not theirs but someone else’s. They can cure the originator of the pain by touching where they feel it and praying for healing. 

Empaths are also spiritual healers. They can use their presence or words to comfort an anxious or depressed person. As we have seen, tactile empaths can also transfer their positive vibes through touch. 

Psychic healers use their intuitive abilities to diagnose and cure their patients. Psychics often include emotional and spiritual reasons in their diagnosis. 

One study proved that psychic healing occurs. Over 50% of participants reported improvement after a psychic healed them. 

But if empaths are healers, who heals them? 

Empaths absorb other people’s pain. They may feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and sometimes physically sick. The good news is that empaths can heal themselves. 

One way that empaths heal is by disconnecting themselves. If you are an empath and need to be alone, indulge yourself. It is your body telling you it needs to take a break. Empaths also when they are sleeping. 

Meditation helps empaths dispel any negative energy. Through meditation, empaths look inside and find their true being. 

Empaths also receive healing from the elements of mother nature. Exposing themselves to the sun or dipping in an ocean can repair their psychic abilities. 

7. Ability to Mirror people.

Empaths have high emotional contagion and can mirror other people’s actions. 

One way they use this ability is by getting back to narcissists. When empaths want to teach a narcissist a lesson, they mirror their actions. The narcissists get a taste of their medicine and stop in their tracks. 

Naturally, empaths are kind, compassionate, and caring. They only become the narcissist of the narcissist when their patience is pushed to the limit. 

The mirroring power also makes them accessible to strangers. When an empath approaches a person for the first time, they want them to be as comfortable as possible. 

One of the ways that you can make someone comfortable is by making them feel familiar. So, empaths mirror other people’s behavior to lower their guard and make them feel secure. 

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8. Creativity 

Empaths are super creative. Their high sensitivity and emotional experiences give them a wealth of knowledge that they express using creative ways. 

Most empaths are introverts. So, they express their emotions. They excel in arts such as drawing, painting, dancing, and acting. 

Empaths have also created a place for themselves in today’s world. You will find them in careers such as computer programming and graphic designing. 

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt like it was speaking to you? Empaths speak through art. So, their work has this unique ability to express feelings. 

Empaths also use their creative abilities to find solutions in their day-to-day work. They have a special gift of using unique multi-dimensional angles that others miss. 

An empath is that quiet, go-to person you can’t afford to lose in an office setup.

Final Thoughts On Empath Abilities

To channel your empathic abilities, you must first accept your nature. Your empath abilities will only shine when you embrace who you are. Only then can you discover the potential in you.

Contrary to belief, your sensitivity does not make you vulnerable. Rather, the channel leads you to those who need you most. An empath who has undergone empowerment is a powerful presence in a bleeding world. 

In her book, Heyoka empath, and Starseed, Sarah Williams explains that empaths often deal with much pain from the intense feelings surrounding them.

If you are an empath, having boundaries can protect you from sensory overload and help you exercise your abilities in a greater way.

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