How Super Empaths Destroy Narcissists (9 Ways)

In this article, we will talk about how super empaths destroy narcissists.

Did you know that a super empath can destroy a narcissist? 

Super empaths are highly sensitive people who are in touch with their emotions. They have gone through healing from their weaknesses. So, they are confident, grounded have a sense of full self-awareness. 

Super empaths are highly empathic mission souls who serve humanity in a unique way. They are kind and compassionate and have a loving disposition. They can go to great lengths to help someone.  

But they also put a wall around themselves so they don’t get hurt.

Michelle Luna Bright, the author of Empath and Narcissist, describes a narcissist as a person who greatly admires himself. Narcissists are often self-centered and manipulative. 

Narcissists have wounded souls from childhood. So, they often seek attention and admiration to confirm their egos. 

Super empaths are born. But narcissists are made out of circumstances. 

When a super empath and a narcissist get together, the results can be devasting. This is especially so for narcissists. The super empath can spot the narcissist’s pain. 

These highly sensitive people can also use their ability to destroy narcissists. 

Let us look at the nine ways super empaths destroy a narcissist. 

  1. They Wipe Out the narcissist’s Ego
  2. They Crush the Narcissist’s Sense of Entitlement
  3. They Stop Forgiving
  4. They Identify the Narcissist’s Weaknesses
  5. They Undermine the Narcissist’s Passive Aggression 
  6. They Dominate the Narcissists 
  7. They insist on Accountability
  8. They Deflect the Narcissist’s Projection
  9. They Reflect the Narcissist’s Behaviour

1. They Wipe Out the narcissist’s Ego

Super empaths are highly intelligent and have complete control of their emotions. They can see through the narcissist’s façade and feel their insecurities and pain. 

The super empaths can feel where narcissists hurt most. 

As a result, they can confront the narcissist directly and assertively. Super empaths call the narcissists out whenever they misbehave. 

Also, they can defend themselves should the narcissist start to undervalue them. Super empaths can destroy the narcissist’s ego using the latter’s devaluation tactics. 

A super empath can understand people’s pain and weaknesses. 

They are kind and compassionate people who are quick to help others heal. But they can also deploy self-defense using effective and powerful ways. 

One of the most potent tools a super empath can use is turning off their emotions. Their warm personality can become icy cold when attacking a narcissist’s ego. 

When they set their minds to it, they can go for the kill, which is fatal for narcissists. 

2. They Crush the Narcissist’s Sense of Entitlement

One of the traits of a narcissistic disorder is a sense of entitlement. Narcissists operate under the false conviction that they deserve the best in life.

In their mind, everything they need should come to them even if they don’t deserve it. They don’t have to lift a finger and work for them. 

Super empaths can see through the narcissist’s sense of entitlement and call it as it is. 

They are bold in telling the narcissists that they are not entitled to anything. Instead, they remind them to be grateful for what they have. 

The super empath’s willingness to confront the narcissist’s self-entitlement is a potent weapon. 

When challenged, the narcissist’s actual nature comes to light. They do not want to be exposed again. So, they will look for alternative tactics. 

Their other option is to change their behavior with the super empath. 

The super empath is compassionate toward the narcissist’s pain. They want to heal them. But they also appreciate that the only way out is when the narcissists face the truth. 

That is why they are often willing to criticize narcissists for their bad behavior. 

The super empath’s compassion attracts the narcissists to them in the first place. They believe that the super empath will want to concentrate on their needs. 

And in reality, the super empath is trying to help the narcissist when they expose them. They see the hidden pain. So, they understand what will benefit the narcissists in the long run. 

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3. They Stop Forgiving

When a super empath is in a relationship with a narcissist, he bears the burden of forgiving. The narcissist gets away with offenses. He dares to repeat the mistakes because their partner is kind and forgiving. 

But when the super empaths stop forgiving, the narcissist stops thriving. 

They cannot sweet talk their way out of intentional misconduct. They no longer have their way with unconditional love and limitless absolution. 

A super empath can see the wrongdoing as it is. So, it takes a little while before the curtain call. 

In most cases, a super empath does not see the need to put boundaries. But when their eyes are open to the narcissist’s motives, they start erecting walls. As a result, they empower themselves.

 And when the super empath refuses to be trampled on, the narcissist’s glory days are over. 

4. They Identify the Narcissist’s Weaknesses

A narcissist can try to put up a tough front. But the super empath can see through the narcissists’ world. 

He can feel the pain past the façade and wants to help.

The super empath’s desire to heal kicks in. But he knows that the only way to help the narcissist is to expose the root cause of the insecurities head-on. And this knowledge poses a threat to the narcists. 

Narcissists view their genuine selves as worthless. So, they try to cover it as much as possible. 

Narcissism results from childhood when someone interferes with a child’s healthy sense. Usually, this occurs when parents tell their children that they are worthless. 

Even parents with good intentions can interfere with their children’s growth. They can shield the children too much, making them feel incapable. 

The children end up with a false belief that they are incapable of doing anything for themselves. They tend to think that they are naturally flawed. 

This lack of self-confidence creates a feeling of shame in the child. So, they make a facade for themselves. Sadly, they incorporate all the character traits they believe they lack. 

In trying to feel worthy, they infuse in them a superiority complex.

But the super empath sees the hurting and insecure child behind the tough exterior. This exposure is terrifying and damaging to narcissists. 

5. They Undermine the Narcissist’s Passive Aggression 

Narcissists love using passive aggression to control and devalue people around them. But super empaths can see right through the narcissist’s attempt to manipulate them. 

They can see through the hidden passive aggression. And they respond calmly without giving in to the narcissists. 

Narcissists thrive in attacking emotions. So, calm and collected responses make them feel powerless.

Super empaths are intimate with their feelings and emotions. They purposely react in the exact opposite manner from what the narcissists were hoping. 

In so doing, the super empaths turn the tables and render the narcissist’s effort worthless. 

The narcissists may respond with their usual rage. But the super empath is able to keep their cool and ask the narcissists what the reason for their behavior is. 

And because this is the last thing that narcissists want to discuss, they back off from the argument. 

This tactic effectively stops the narcissists in their tracks. It makes them feel self-conscious and exposes their inner shame. The super empath may look cold-hearted. But they know that this is the only way that the narcissists will recover. 

6. They Dominate the Narcissists 

Narcissists love dominating their partners and taking control of relationships. And they do so very effectively. They can detect the other person’s weaknesses and use them to manipulate them. 

To narcissists, being a predator in a relationship is what makes them thrive. 

But the unfortunate narcissists meet their match in the super empaths. Not only do the super empaths expose pain, but they can also feel it in their bodies. 

They can see through the narcissist’s worst fear. 

When a super empath identifies a narcissist, they plan to control the relationship. This action may not be conscious but emanates from the desire to heal. As a result, they keep the narcissists on edge.  

The super empath’s ability to expose the narcissist’s fear becomes a deadly weapon.

They can see through the partner’s true self. So, the narcissists deem them as dangerous as they can expose them to the world. The narcissists then try to avoid them as much as they can. In most cases, they are the end of the relationship.

The constant fear of being exposed can destroy the narcists if they don’t move away. They can not face their truth, which could result in a mentor breakdown. 

7. They insist on Accountability

Super empaths possess a lot of integrity. Their high level of sensitivity makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are not afraid of confronting their shortcomings.

 On the contrary, they are their own worst critics. 

Super empaths expect the same level of accountability from those around them. But narcissists will deploy every tactic to avoid facing their mistakes.

Although they try to run through all hoops, the super empaths still confront them. They insist that narcissists be accountable for their actions. This probing blows off the narcissist’s ego. 

Narcissists are used to lying, even to themselves. So, they prefer disconnecting from the empath who is always seeking this truth. 

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8. They Deflect the Narcissist’s Projection

The narcissist’s favorite trick is to project their insecurities and flaws onto others. It serves to deflect their attention away from the actual feelings. 

But the super empath can see what is going on with ease. 

Super empaths have a solid grasp of their own emotions and abilities. They have deep self-awareness and a strong sense of self-worth. So, this trick won’t work for them. 

When the super empath sees the narcissists’ actions, they deflect their attempts. They do not react as the narcissists expected. They once again call out the narcissist’s conduct as it is. 

In the end, they reveal the narcissist’s fear and internal conflict. 

Narcissists use projection strategy to confuse people who have less self-awareness. It allows them to take charge of the other person. But a super empath is resistant to these tricks.

So, the super empath can flip the script by asking the narcissists why they behave the way they do. Again, the super empath threatens a narcissist’s desire to protect their fragile self-esteem.

9. They Reflect the Narcissist’s Behaviour

A super empath has the unique capability of mirroring another person’s behavior. They can not only sense and feel the pain but imitate the other person’s actions as well. 

According to Dr. Judith Orloff, empaths can absorb other people’s feelings. They can also exude their physical symptoms.

The super empath can destroy the narcissists by reflecting the latter’s behavior. By so doing, they tap into the narcissist’s fear and insecurities.

The super empath understands the narcissist’s motives. So, they give them a taste of their own medicine by becoming the narcissist’s narcissist. 

This tactic is effective because it’s what narcissists do to project their character traits.

The super empath has self-awareness and does not have selfish insecurities. But they can see beyond the narcissist’s toxic behavior and the expected outcome. 

So, the narcissist’s attempt to influence and manipulate the super-empath fails. Instead, they understand the impact of their actions on other people. 

Narcissists react with rage and anger when confronted with their actions. But they also encounter narcissistic collapse once they face their fears. 

This collapse can be devasting to their emotions. But it also opens the door to healing. If narcissists can persevere, the super empath can help them to see their true worth. 

They end up realizing that they were not unworthy in the first place. 

Super Empaths Destroy Narcissists: Final Thought

We have looked at the 9 ways super empaths can destroy narcissists. But can a narcissist destroy a super empath? 

The answer is yes. If a super empath has not yet self-actualized, they can be vulnerable to narcissists. They may not be able to take care of their emotions fully. So, they end up becoming co-dependent with the narcists. 

The super empath is indeed capable of destroying narcissists. But it is also true that narcissists can make a super empath their prey. That’s why the super empath must understand their frailties and emotional triggers. 

A super empath’s abilities can destroy narcissists and heal them. But they must also shield themselves with self-care and firm boundaries.

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