Can A Man Forget A Woman He Slept With? (10 possible Reasons)

In this article we address the question “can a man forget a woman he slept with?” We look at 10 possible reasons a man may forget a woman he slept with.

Memory is a complex topic, and there is no telling what will affect your memory or when. When it comes to relationships, some people may genuinely forget someone, while others have selective amnesia.

So, it begs the question, can a man forget a woman he slept with?

The simple answer is yes. A man can forget a woman he slept with. However, many factors come into play in such a situation.

So, if you slept with someone and he claims to have forgotten you, they likely did forget. We all want to be unforgettable, but the brain works in mysterious ways. 

Moreover, men are more attracted to the physical attributes of a woman, and some will not take the time to learn the woman’s name before he throws the tackiest pickup line. 

Overview The Science Behind Memory

The brain’s memory function is a complex process that involves many regions and chemical processes. Moreover, there are different types of memories, including sensory, long-term, and short-term.

Sensory memory is a very short-term memory that allows you to retain information from your environment from the five senses before it goes to the short-term memory.

For instance, when you see, smell, touch, feel, or taste something, the memory is in the sensory memory. So, when you touch or kiss someone, the memory is sensory. 

On the other hand, short-term memory is a memory that starts for a short time and the short-term memory capacity is limited to at least 30 seconds.

According to George Miller in “The Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two,” people can store between five and nine items in their short-term memory. 

Short-term memory can be affected by several factors, including; 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Fatigue 
  • Medicines side effects
  • Grief
  • Stress 
  • Sleep deprivation. 

Long-term memory stays with you for years and has a large capacity. This is because the memory must move from the short-term to the long-term to retain a memory.

However, time and information interference will affect the memories retained in the long-term memory.

Reasons a Man Can Forget He Slept With a Woman

We have determined a man can forget he slept with a woman. Many reasons can lead to this memory loss. Some of the reasons include the following; 

1. He Is A Player

If a man is a player and sleeps with many people, he will have a hard time remembering who he slept with. He may have too many women that he can’t keep count and cannot tell who he slept with or whom he did not.

A player will not be keen to know the information about the women he sleeps with. They are not into small talk. He doesn’t care about where you are from or where you work.

They are only interested in what you have in your pants, and once they get into your pants, that’s it for you and them. 

This guy may have a lot of female friends, and chances are he has slept with most of them.

2. He Didn’t Ask Your Name

If the man you slept with didn’t ask your name, the chances of him remembering you are very slim, if any.

If you meet a man and click and everything happens in the spur of the moment, there will be no time to exchange names or numbers. 

On the other hand, the woman may not want the man to stay in contact and will therefore not give them their name. As a result, the man will forget the woman because he has nothing to remember her by. 

Moreover, some people would rather indulge in one-night stands with people they meet in clubs or events, and they will not exchange names; they just want to sleep together with no personal attachments.

3. He Was Too Drunk

If a man meets a woman in the club and he is severely drunk, he might not remember sleeping with her. However he may remember some patches of what happened, but he will not remember the whole encounter. 

However, if the man liked the woman he was with, he may try to get more information about her. For instance, he can go back to the place they meet to try and find her or get any information he can about her. 

If he was with his friends, he might enlist their help finding her as they may remember her name or at least what she looked like. Moreover, if she is a regular at the bar you met, the bartender may help you track her down. 

4. He Is Fixated On His Ex

If a man is heartbroken and fixated on his ex, he will not remember the woman he sleeps with. The only woman in his head is his ex; he may even end up calling the woman he sleeps with by his ex’s name. 

In this case, the man is obsessed with his ex and will not remember the women he met. He may be sleeping with them to mend his broken heart.

It may be hard to get him to forget the ex. However, with time the ex’s memory will fade.  

5. Dating Is A Game To Him

If the man treats dating like a game, he will not care about emotions or getting personal with the people he sleeps with.

All he cares about is fooling around and often brags to his friends about the women he has slept with. 

This guy will keep track of the number of women he sleeps with, but he won’t care enough to remember their names.

These men will sleep with a woman and move on with life as if nothing happened. They only show affection in bed and will not care about your feelings. 

6. He Uses Drugs

If a man uses drugs, he will forget the woman he slept with. If you sleep with a heavy drug user, he will not remember most of what happens in his life. 

His life is one big blur, and he cannot concretely tell what he did or did not do. This is a very risky situation as the person will not even remember to take precautions when sleeping with strangers and will likely engage in risky sexual behaviors. 

According to research, drug use will affect brain functions, especially in learning, memory, impulse control, and attention.  

Sleeping with a drug user is risky; they may even mistreat you on top of not remembering you.

So, be careful when sleeping with drug users. If you like one, talking to him about getting better before pursuing a relationship is better. 

7. He doesn’t like you

One of the main reasons why a man will forget a woman he slept with is if he doesn’t like her. Sometimes your physical appearance will attract a man, but he will not like you for the person you are. 

If a man is only physically attracted to you, he will sleep with you and forget about you. I know it is disappointing, we all want to be the woman he never forgets, but this is rarely the case.

If a man doesn’t like you, he will sleep with you to fulfill his sexual urges, which will be the end of that story. 

He will not care to know about you and may not even ask your name; you are just a sex toy to fulfill his desires.

After all, if he liked you, he could have asked about you and stuck around after the sex. However, he will move on immediately and forget you exist. 

When you like someone, you pay attention to them and ask them personal questions to know them better, but if a man doesn’t like you, he will not want to know about you. 

8. He Has Amnesia

Sometimes a man will forget the woman he sleeps with because he has amnesia. Many people have amnesia, so, if a man forgets a woman he slept with, he may have a bad memory.

It will be difficult for someone with amnesia to remember someone he slept with, especially if he doesn’t hold them close to his heart.

Knowing the history of the person you sleep with is good, so you may not hold something like a diagnosis against them.

However, these days everyone wants to satisfy their desires and move on without caring about the people they slept with. 

9. He Is A Narcissist

If the man you slept with is a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around him, he will not care to know about you and will forget a woman he slept with. He is so self-absorbed he will not remember your name even if you told him. 

Dating a narcissist is an uphill task. They will want everything to be about them in and outside the relationship.

Moreover, narcissists will most likely gaslight you into doing what they want and blame you for everything. Therefore, it is best to avoid dating a narcissist, as they will make your life a living hell. 

10. The Woman Is A Mystery 

Sometimes a man will forget a woman he slept with if the woman wants to remain a mystery.

For example, if he meets a woman in a club and she is looking for a one-night stand, she will not want to diverge a lot of information about herself. Instead, she wants to remain the fun, enigmatic one-night stand. 

If this happens, the man may not ask more about the woman and will forget her. The man will let the woman’s mystery go unsolved unless the woman is very intriguing.

However, if he found the woman fascinating and she struck a chord, he would want to pursue her more and learn about her. 

What Can You Do if a Man Forgets He Slept With You

Sometimes you may sleep with someone and develop feelings for them even if it was not your intention; when this happens, and the man has forgotten about you, you will want to do everything possible to make him remember you.

Here are some things you can do to jog his memory. 

1. Recreate The Scenario

If you slept with a man who forgot you and you want to remind him, you can recreate the scenario.

For instance, if you met in a bar, go back to the same bar and do everything as you did the first time.

Create the scene with as much precision as you can muster. Say the same things and make the same gestures; it will begin to feel like a déjà vu to the man.

Then, if he mentions it, you can help him with the details of what happened between you.

2. Hit On Him

We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. So, if you like a guy whom you slept with but forgot you, it is your time to shoot your shot. I mean, the worst that can happen is him saying no.

So, if you like a guy who forgot you after sleeping with you, go and hit on him hard. Don’t shy away; give it your best, and if he likes you too, you can pursue the relationship.

If he likes you, you may want to start afresh and not mention your previous encounter.

You may also realize you do not like him as much as you thought, and it is superficial. If this is the case, let it go and move on.

3. Remind Him

Sometimes a man will sleep with you and forget about you because he was drunk or on drugs. If you like a guy who you slept with and he forgot about you, you can remind him.

Maybe he liked you too, but he forgot about your encounter because he was too drunk or was on drugs.

If you remind him about your encounter and he remembers it, you can pursue the relationship if you like each other.

However, you should know that some guys will remember you but feign amnesia if they don’t like you.

Final thoughts on Can A Man Forget A Woman He Slept With.

A man can forget a woman he slept with. The human brain is mysterious, and our memory is affected by many factors. However, a man will forget a woman he slept with for many reasons. 

Some of the reasons include he is a player, doesn’t like the woman, or doesn’t ask her name.

Moreover, if a man is fixated on his ex, too drunk, or a narcissist, he will forget the woman he slept with. If he uses drugs or has amnesia, he will also forget her.

If you want a man who forgot you after you slept with him to remember you, you can recreate the scenario, hit on him, or remind him about yourself.

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