The Intuitive Еmpаth Or Сlаirсоgnizаnt Еmpаth

Do you always have a gut feeling that something is about to happen before it does? Do people often describe you as too soft or too sensitive? Do you feel hurt when others are hurting? If this describes you, you could be an intuitive empath. 

Intuitive empaths are highly sensitive people who have an in-depth knowledge of the emotions of others. Intuitive empath are also called Claircognizant empath, Clair cognizant means knowing something without understanding how.

Intuitive empaths are a type of empaths that posses high Intuition. Intuition is the sixth sense, which is the ability to understand something without active reasoning.

In her book, the intuitive Empath, Renee Ramsey explains that intuitive empaths have advanced emotional connection.

Possessing intuition is a blessing but can also be your worst weakness. Read on to discover the signs that you are an intuitive empath.

Signs That You Are an Intuitive Empath

1. You rely on Your Gut Feelings 

Often, intuitive empaths rely on their gut feelings to navigate on the day to day life. Your ability to recognize in-depth emotions helps you pick cues that may not be obvious to others. In most cases, your gut instincts about a person you just met are right. 

But instinctive empaths do not only blindly rely on their instincts. They also use their rational minds to process the information they receive. 

For instance, intuitive medical empath will use their instincts in diagnosis. But they will make the necessary tests giving any treatments. 

2. You Experience Sensory Overload 

If you are an intuitive empath, you can’t stand crowds. Intuitive empaths have heightened sensitivity to the energies and emotions of others. Also, they are sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, or strong smells.

These sensory overloads make you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. You may also exhibit other symptoms, such as headaches, muscle tension, and depression. 

3. You Have Rapid Mood Swings 

Intuitive empaths absorb other people’s emotions and process them as theirs. This lead to a rapid change in their moods. 

For instance, if you are around a happy person, you will feel positive. If a sad person enters the room, you absorb their emotions, resulting to a change of your mood. 

These sporadic emotions largely affect the empaths on their way to self-discovery. They don’t have the skill of self-grounding and are susceptible to all energies around them.

4. You are Empathic and Compassionate 

Empathy is the ability to understand and sense the experiences of others. Compassion is the concern for the experiences and sufferings of others. 

Intuitive empaths feel the pain and suffering of others as if they are their own. Besides, you care deeply and want to reduce the world’s suffering. Sometimes you become so absorbed with others that you forget your own needs. 

5. You like Spending Time Alone 

Being around people can be overwhelming to an intuitive empath. You absorb their energies and instinctively know what they are thinking.

You can tell when a person is lying to you, and your mood changes with theirs. 

Having all your senses active and alert at all times is tiring. Thus, intuitive empaths often feel a need to be alone. They use this time to recharge their energies and process their own emotions.

6. You are a Creative 

Intuitive empaths tap into the energies of the environment. Also, they have a unique perspective and insight into the world around them. 

They channel these energies into creative arts such as singing, drawing, and painting. 

7. You Love Nature 

If you are an intuitive empath, you feel calm around nature. Your sensitivity resonates perfectly with the trees, waterfalls, and oceans vibrations. 

The stillness and silence of nature help intuitive empath recharge their lost energies. An intuitive empath is at home with nature. They can put down their guard without feeling threatened. 

8. You are a natural healer

Intuitive empaths have a calming presence around people. Their intimate understanding of others leads them to say the right words at the right time. 

Also, they are good listeners and non-judgmental, enhancing the sense of ease in others. As a result, people feel heard and understood by intuitive empaths. 

Benefits of Being an Intuitive Empath

1. Strong Intuition

Intuitive empaths pick up cues that others fail to notice. They also rarely make the wrong decisions as their intuitions guide them.

 Claircognizant empaths can also feel the energy vibrations and smell danger. These empaths use their instincts to direct others in their path in life. 

2. Heightened Senses 

Due to their heightened sense of taste, intuitive empaths enjoy food delicacies.

They also imprint memories in their brain. This enables them to remember good moments long after they pass. 

Moreover, their heightened senses help them avoid danger. For instance, you can smell leaking gas before everyone else does. 

3. Helpful

If you are an intuitive empath, you help people who need it. It doesn’t have to be a relative or someone you know. Stepping in to ease others’ pain comes naturally to you. 

So, intuitive empaths are the perfect fit counseling, nursing, and teaching careers. 

4. Meaningful Relationships 

Intuitive empaths use their intuition as a guide. You can tell a superficial relationship before getting into one. Also, you are forgiving and willing to make amends. 

As a result, your relationships flourish and tend to be meaningful. 

Challenges of Being an Intuitive Empath 

1. Loss of Self Identity

As an intuitive empath, your energies often override those of others. So, you might experience difficulties understanding your true self. 

As a result, it is challenging to process your own emotions. 

2. Emotional Overwhelm 

Intuitive empaths suffer from emotional overwhelm when exposed to intense emotions from others. Prolonged exposure to extensive stimuli can leave you feeling drained. 

This could lead to emotional drain and fatigue. 

Also, an intuitive empath’s emotions are deep. You tend to overthink even the smallest matters. You are your worst critic, which could also lead to getting over-emotional.

3. Vulnerability 

As we have seen, intuitive empaths are kind souls, always reaching out to help others. More often than not, you tend to neglect and overlook your own needs. 

But this kindness makes you vulnerable to people who intend to exploit you. 

You tend to attract broken narcissists who can sense your ability to heal. These negative energies affect your emotional well-being.

4. Feeling Isolated 

From childhood, others see intuitive empaths as weaklings or too soft. As a result, you tend to feel different from the rest of the world. 

As an intuitive empath, you also read others like an open book. They can’t hide anything even if they want to. They can’t pretend to be okay when they are not. 

People tend to avoid you because they know too much for their comfort. 

How You Can Cope Being an Intuitive Empath

1. Creating Boundaries 

Judith Orloff describes boundaries as demarcations between you and others set to protect your well-being. They help you define what’s okay and what’s not okay for you. 

Sometimes, you don’t set boundaries because you feel like they are blocking others. 

But these boundaries protects you from manipulation. They also help you to understand the extent that you can go even in helping others.

2. Practice Self Care 

For an intuitive empath, being intentional about self-care is important for your survival. It would be best if you took time to promote your well-being and sort your emotions. 

If you feel agitated, taking time alone or surrounded by nature helps. Spiritual exercises, such as meditation, also help to reconnect with your inner self. 

3. Avoid Toxic Environment 

If you are around toxic people or the environment, you absorb their toxicity. Avoid situations and people who make you feel uncomfortable. 

You can easily pick toxic people because you tend to feel drained after spending time with them.

Can I learn to be an intuitive Empath? 

Being an empath is a natural gift from birth. But you can enhance your natural talent by training it through spiritual exercises.

You can also practice mindfulness so that you can be fully in the present and aware of your feelings and others.

Are Intuitive Empaths Limited by Space and Time? 

Like all human beings, intuitive empaths are limited by space and time. For instance, you can feel someone is about to have an accident. But you may not be able to stop it from happening. 

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