The Psychometric Empath 

In this article, we will explore the signs, benefits, and challenges of a psychometric empath we will also discuss the self-help tips for a psychometric empath. 

Can you read the emotions of a photograph by touching it? You may be having the rare capabilities of a psychometric empath. 

A psychometric empath is a person that is highly sensitive to inanimate objects. Studies show that our belongings carry our energy and fill part of our psychological needs.

Even after we have stopped using them, these objects remain with the remnants of our essence. 

Psychometric empaths are a type of empaths that interpret the things and places previously touched or owned by others.

Signs that you are A Psychometric Empath 

1. You Can Read Objects 

Psychometric empaths feel physical and emotional reactions to objects by touching them. The strength of the energy may depend on the kind of attachment the object had with the original owner.

For instance, a psychometric empath can tell how old a wedding ring is by touching it. They can also read the energies and emotions of the union from the wearer’s perspective. 

If you are a psychometric empath, you can also feel the aura of objects that carry negative energy. You can sense the dark shadows of a suicide object and the emotions of the person who used it. 

2. You Can Read People 

Psychometric empaths have a knack for reading people. You can sense the emotions that surround different individuals. 

You feel the intentions of others before they reveal them and can sense their thoughts. 

3. You Feel the Energy of Places 

Can you pick the energy of places? Do you suddenly enter a room and get an overwhelming feeling of sadness or joy? 

Psychometric empaths absorb the emotional charge of dwellings occupied by other people. 

They can tell if a place held happy occasions like weddings. Trained psychometric empaths also visualize the actual happenings of a place. 

4. You Are Intuitive 

Psychometric empaths have a high sense of intuition. Their gut feelings about things are always near accurate. As such, they can predict the outcome of various events. 

If you are a psychometric empath, sometimes you know things without understanding how. For instance, you may feel uneasy about driving your car later to realize it has brake issues. 

5. You Are Sensitive To Energy 

Psychometric empaths are sensitive to sun rays, electromagnetic fields, and other energies. You can pick in the energies of a place through resonance.

 You can also sense an earthquake before it happens or feel it when the sea is calm enough for a voyage. 

6. You Love the Nature 

Psychometric empaths have a great connection with nature. Their energies flow in sync with the unpolluted natural environment. 

If you are a psychometric empath, you feel at home around the trees and water bodies. 

Benefits of Being a Psychometric Empath 

1. Insights and Culture of Objects and Places 

To a psychometric empath, places and objects are windows through which they can see the past. Psychometric empaths can also tap into the energy of an object to have an insight of its benefits.

2. Heightened Self Awareness

Psychometric empath need to be aware of their emotions before linking to an object. As a result, they have a better understanding of themselves and their weakness. 

They use this self-awareness to identify the areas in their lives that need healing.

 Linking to things can also help the empaths understand their own past experiences. Psychometric empaths can touch their toys to understand how their childhood impacts them. 

3. Healing Abilities 

Psychometric empaths can tap and absorb the healing energies that sacred objects hold. They can also tune in the powers to release and heal other people’s blockages. 

Besides, psychometric empaths are spiritual and psychological healers. Their heightened sensitivity to others helps them excel in fields such as counseling.

4. Purpose in Life 

Psychometric empaths have a unique outlook on life and a deep sense of compassion for others. They often help others overcome stagnation in life through their healing energy. 

As a result, psychometric empaths are goal oriented and live a more fulfilled life. 

Challenges of Being a Psychometric Empath 

1. Biological Sensitivity 

Psychometric empaths’ nervous systems are more reactive to electromagnetic fields (EMF) than those of others. They suffer from symptoms such as headaches and fatigue when in overcharged areas. 

2. Anxiety and Stress

Psychometric empaths suffer from anxiety after absorbing negative energy from inanimate objects. For instance, reliving the ordeal of murder can be traumatizing. 

The psychometric empath absorbs the real pain, fear, and helpless of those people. As a result, he may suffer from a mental breakdown and inability to let go of the memories. 

3. Negative Thoughts and Believes 

Some objects might hold objects from previous owners with a negative outlook on life. The psychometric empath may absorb the same energy if they are unaware of themselves. 

This possibility is higher if they happen to keep the objects close to them. 

4. Feeling of Guilt 

If you are a psychometric empath, may suffer from guilt of invading other people’s privacy. 

You cannot help but relive their lives and emotions when you touch objects connected. Sometimes you get to know deep secrets that the owners are not comfortable sharing.

Self-Care Tips of a Psychometric Empath 

1. Set Boundaries 

Psychometric empaths may not avoid absorbing the energies of inanimate objects and places. Some things contain negative energies that can be traumatizing. 

It would help if you learned to separate your emotions from those in the objects. 

Self-awareness training can help you block some of the negative energies. But you may need to move away from stimuli that are too overwhelming.

2. Practice Self Care 

Absorbing energies from the objects surrounding you can be overwhelming. One of the ways that you can rest from the excessive stimuli is by engaging in activities that energize you. 

Take time to relax and reconnect with yourself. Exercising or taking a bath can help you remove some of the toxins from your system. 

3. Practice Self Awareness 

Sometimes, psychometric empaths may confuse their emotions with those that they absorb. 

Meditation is an excellent way of helping you recognize your energy. Also, it helps get rid of any negative aura you have absorbed.

Mediation also helps psychometric empaths live to in the present and in full self-awareness. 

4. Get Support

If you are a psychometric empath, you must surround yourself with a good support system. Your abilities are rare, and sometimes you feel isolated and alone. 

Ensure that you surround yourself with people with a positive outlook. A professional counselor can also help you navigate some of your challenges. 

5. Energy Cleansing

As a psychometric empath, you cannot avoid contacting objects that contain negative energy. 

Corrie Milner, author of “Empaths on Their Soul Path,” suggests that you should discard such things. It is also essential and cleanses yourself from negative energy.

 You can use cleansing methods such as smudging or dipping yourself in salty water. Also, exposure to natural energies such as sun rays can help revitalize your lost energy. 


  1. Can Psychometric Empath Decide Not to Read an Object? 

Sometimes, psychometric empaths can tell the energy of an object before touching it. This is especially so if the thing contains a dark aura.

The psychometric empath can decide not to probe the memories of the object by declining to touch it.

  1. Can Psychometric Empaths Predict the Future Using Objects? 

Psychometric empaths are highly intuitive and have the uncanny ability to read people. But for them to read and object, it must have some remnants of a person’s energy.

So, they cannot read the future owners of inanimate objects.