The Physical Empath 

In this article, we explore a physical empath’s signs, benefits, and challenges. We will also look at some self-care tips that physical empaths can use to protect themselves.  

Empaths are highly sensitive people who absorb the energy of their environment. Often, these abilities make them vulnerable especially if they are unaware of themselves. 

Physical empaths are a type of empaths that are highly sensitive to physical sensations such as touch and smell. 

Dr. Judith Orloff, an American Psychiatrist, explains that the senses of physical empaths are so porous that they absorb other people’s symptoms.

They feel the same intensity of pain as the person suffering from it. But how do you know if you are a physical empath? 

Signs That You Are a Physical Empath

1. You are Highly Sensitive 

Are you chronically sick and or feel exhausted? Physical empaths are often labeled hypochondriacs. 

Hypochondria is a disorder in which a person always thinks that they are critically sick. You often have unexplained symptoms of headaches, dizziness, and stomach upset. 

If you are a physical empath, you do not imagine things by feeling sick. In a real sense, you experience the physical pains and discomforts of others.

These symptoms come and go with the change of environment. So, other people may tend to think that you imagine being sick. 

2. You Dread Crowds 

If you are a physical empath, you feel overwhelmed in crowds. Physical empaths do not just absorb the pain of others. They feel their emotions as well. 

So when in charged areas, the spontaneous feelings of different people hit them hard. Also, the number of physical stimuli increases, leading to sensual overloads. 

This overcharge of physical and emotional triggers makes them feel anxious and depressed. 

3. Temperature Changes Affect You.

Do you feel dizzy or have a headache when the temperature is too high? Physical empaths are sensitive to the changes in temperature of their physical surroundings. 

They absorb the symptoms of their environment. Also, when other people react to the weather changes, their bodies mimic the same symptoms. 

As such, physical empaths experience high discomfort in very cold or scorching temperatures. 

4. You React to Negativity

Physical empaths feel irritated or sick in a hostile environment. 

You may experience a tightening of your chest or a pit in the stomach when a toxic person walks in. This could be in a family, office setup, or social gathering. 

If you are a physical empath, you hate physical or verbal fights. You are averse to watching horror movies. You react to these environments with physical symptoms such as nausea. 

5. You Prefer Solitude 

Physical empaths prefer spending time in quiet places. It is in this environment that the body gets to recharge. 

Also, physical empaths need this time to reconnect with their thoughts and emotions. Moreover, alone time helps them filter any negative energy. 

Tranquil places such as the woods and mountains are soothing to physical empaths. It provides comfort and belonging to their otherwise porous physical senses. 

6. You are Compassionate 

Physical empaths have an acute awareness of the sufferings of those around them. They can feel their agony and pain. So, they are compassionate towards others and desire to help them. 

Physical empaths are the perfect fit for careers such as healthcare, and social work.

7. You Are Highly Intuitive 

Physical empaths’ high sense of intuition leads them to navigate their lives. Their instincts let help them in discerning the energies of others. 

Physical empaths can pick subtle cues that others unintentionally give. If you are a physical empath, you can point out when someone is not completely honest with you. 

Benefits of Being a Physical Empath 

1. Deep Compassion and Empathy 

As we have seen, physical empaths are highly attuned to the feelings of others. They can feel other people’s pain and desire to ease the suffering in the world.

2. Good Communication Skills 

Physical empaths are good communicators. People have a special love for them because they listen without judging.

Their sensitivity also enables them to pick the right words while advising, others. Physical empaths have their impeccable listening skills. As a result, make good friends and keep strong relationships. 

3. Natural Healers 

The energies around physical empaths make them excel in energy healing. They can feel the exact symptoms of patients and are more likely to give a proper diagnosis.

Also, physical empaths use their emotional energy in healing modalities such as acupuncture. Their intuition enables them to pick up imbalances in the body and offer the proper care. 

Have you ever noticed some people walk into a room, and the mood lightens up? Physical empaths have a healing presence.

Their emotional energies create a sense of tranquility. As a result, they heal disorders such as anxiety even without realizing it.

Challenges of Being a Physical Empath 

1. Sensory Overload

Physical empaths constantly absorb the emotional and physical sensations around them. Whether a pungent smell or a sick person in the room, nothing passes them. 

Also, physical empaths have difficulties processing intense emotions.

 For instance, a physical empath has a tough time among terminally ill patients. They exhibit the same symptoms, which can be tragic and over-exerting.

2. Difficulties setting boundaries 

Like other empaths, physical empaths have a natural desire to help others. 

But sometimes, they struggle to set healthy and clear boundaries with others. They feel responsible for alleviating the pain and suffering around them. 

This lack of limits may lead to burnout and neglecting their own needs. 

3. Lose of Self Identity

Dr. Judith expounds that empaths have difficulties separating their feelings from those of others. This leads to a lack of clarity of their identity and their own emotional needs. 

4. Feeling Misunderstood 

People often question a physical empath’s intentions. Most of the time, they feel sick, overwhelmed, and tired. 

A co-worker can misinterpret this as the empath’s way of avoiding work. So, most physical empaths suffer in silence, especially those without awareness. 

Also, physical empaths cannot stand crowds and noisy places. Some people may see them as anti-social, making the empath feel isolated. 

Self-Care for Physical Empaths 

1. Get Enough Sleep 

Ensure that you get quality and adequate sleep if you are a physical empath. 

A good night’s sleep regulates your body systems, which reduces stress and anxiety. It will also help manage your sensitivities and increase your well-being. 

Moreover, sleep is essential for improving your emotional and cognitive functions. Lack of sleep makes you to prone to irritability, mood swings, and lack of concentration. 

Ensure that you have quiet time before sleeping. Staying away from social media and electronic devices will help remove distractions. 

Also, a sleeping schedule attunes your body to a regular sleeping pattern. 

2. Set Boundaries 

If you are a physical empath, it is important that you set boundaries and stick to them. You should limit your time in noisy and crowded areas. 

Also, avoid toxic relationships and places. Ensure that put yourself first and communicate your expectations when forming relationships. 

3. Be Empathic and Compassionate to Yourself. 

As a physical empath, you may have suffered criticism from others. Often, these unkind word settle in your heart. You tend to feel insufficient and are prone to self-doubt and self-criticism. 

You must affirm yourself and keep acknowledging your needs and emotions. Embrace your unique gift and treasure it. 

As you start valuing yourself, your self-worth will grow, boosting your confidence. 

4. Spend Time Alone 

As we have seen, spending time alone helps you break from stimulating overloads. Create time for walks in the park or sitting in meditation. Do not feel guilty about suspending distractions such as switching off your phone. 

Create a calm environment, such as playing soft music and soothing colors. You can also bring nature home by incorporating essential oils such as lavender. If you can, interact with nature. 


1. Can Physical Empaths die from the symptoms of others? 

No. Physical empaths cannot die from the symptoms of others. A physical empath absorbs the physical sensations of others. But their physical well-being is not dependent on the health of others. 

Consult a medical professional if you experience some symptoms you can’t explain. 

2. Are Physical Empaths Sensitive to the Feelings of Animals?

Yes. Physical empaths are receptive to the feelings of animals. They have a strong connection with animals and often extend their caring nature to them.